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Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005 TUMA Winner

Now, to keep my promised delivery date of my pick for the 2005 winner of the Thumb Up My Ass award, here it is: George W. Bush.

This was not arrived at with a small amount of thought. After eliminating the weaker entries - people who just annoy me, people who did weird things - I got it down to three finalists. Mr. Bush, Creationists, and Pres. Amadinejad of Iran. I figured that since Mr. Amadinejad only wished Isreal off the map and only said that the Holocaust was "a myth", he gets off as a lunatic, religious, nut-bar who should be removed from any position of power. He is, however, certainly a future contender, to be sure.

The Creationists fought hard for "intelligent" design to be included (and by "included", I mean "exclusively taught in place of evolution") in schools. Because of their arguements only flying in the United States, them being generally seen as freaks of nature in the rest of the world, their loss in the Dover decision, and scientists finally having the balls to stand up and confront the superstitious bullshit (thank you Dr. Eugenie Scott, among others), they are likely going to go away just a smidge, regroup, and come back again. My bet on the new name for creationism is "Quantum String Science Mathematical Physic-type Designy Einsteinism".

To get back to our winner for '05, Mr. Bush took the prize for overall imcompetence leading to the death of nearly 1,100 people in the Hurricane Katrina debacle. People died who had no business dying due to the slow federal response and the receipt for those bodybags lands softly with a dull thud on the lap of Mr. President. Aside from the other shit that Chimpy screwed up this year (spying without warrants, giving an opinion on DeLay's case while the it was pending, his people dicking around with the Valerie Plame story, etc...), the Katrina "rescue" sticks in my craw a tad. Taking a week to get food and basic sanitation to a stadium full of people in "the greatest country on Earth" - well, you might want to get back to me on that one, friend.

In Iraq, there have been 841 U.S. soldiers killed this year, and over 2000 since the "war" started. That stands in stark contrast to what people like Cheney and Don Rumsfeld said in '03 when they were heard making comments in that the war in Iraq would last, "weeks, not months." Bush lies, gets the people around him to twist the facts, selectively remembers events, and plays with his balls while people drown and starve to death. Congratulations, President...or should I say "Governor" Bush, you get the TUMA for this year. You know, I'm wondering if you ever won an election to make you head of Texas....

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At 30/12/05 10:52 am, Blogger Robert said...

You are so wrong about George W. Bush. I have my differences with him, in that he keeps expanding the power of government at the expense of the people. But he will go down in history as the liberator of millions. And the response to Katrina was actually faster than to other disasters. How many factual errors can you get into one post? What dreamland does Mr. Skeptic live in?

At 30/12/05 1:31 pm, Blogger Rockstar Ryan said...


I would respond that the American soldiers liberated Iraq, not the president. But GW pushed a xian religious agenda. That's why I don't like him.

At 30/12/05 1:45 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Really? Faster than other disasters? On December 26, 2004, the Indian Ocean earthquake sent the now infamous tsunami outwards killing nearly 300,000 people. By December 31, the U.S. had pledged 350 million dollars in aid. That's five days.

By the fifth day after Katrina destroyed New Orleans, residents were just getting food and water. Please read this ( letter to see what a wonderful job FEMA did as of September 3, 2005 (that's five days after the levee broke in his own country, near his home state).
Would you care to point out any more "factual" errors, Robert (if that is your real name)?


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