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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Coffee with Angela

I just had coffee (cappuccino, to be technial) with my friend Angela, an old friend from Massage Therapy school. It's nice to reconnect with people from my hometown while I'm here for an end-of-year vacation. She's one of those people who draws out the best in me with respect to presenting my skeptical side.

Ang is a spiritual person in that she doesn't seem to buy into any specific religion, but she enjoys the philosophy of Buddhism, Wiccan theory, and just pondering the possibilities of the hereafter. Plus, she's intelligent and funny enough to challenge me when I get too stupid and dogmatic in my ravings.

We were discussing the Barbara Walters Heaven special and our respective problems with it. I had mentioned to my wife that I thought Walters had gone much too easy on the religious folk in that she hadn't brought up the point that, in their Heavens, the best ideas were that it was "happy" and " you could eat and not get fat." I remember saying something to the effect of, "fuck, I'm happy here and I eat what I want - how lame is that for a picture of their paradise?" Angela had the same sort of feelings, as far as I could tell, and it was nice to see that someone with a much more forgiving attitude was just as peeved at Baba for dropping the ball.

I mentioned to her that as skeptics, we have to be open to the ideas of Heaven, a creator, and multiple lives; however, what interests me is where the line is for people when evidence stops being important to their belief in something. Searching for the reasons why people "just believe" or why their standards for evidence drop off so dramatically when religion is involved is paramount to figuring out how to explain to these people why we godless folk require our evidence to be of scientific method calibre. A whole lot of understanding could come of that.

Everyone out there have a great start to 2006 and look forward to a lot more rants and raves from this site.

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