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Monday, December 05, 2005

Letter to National Post

I read in the National Post today a letter to the editor that almost made me choke. The title was, "Who designed the designer", but it was a letter saying that "intelligent" design was a plausible explanation for how we got here. The irony entry in my dictionary burst into flame after seeing this due to its inadaquacy.

I mean, that is precisely the question that the "intelligent" design people won't answer. The letter made some point about humans "creating" different breeds of dogs, thus the "intelligent" creators were us (although I'd challenge the author of the piece to watch 1o minutes of Wife Swap and get back to me on that "intelligent" part). Because we created the dog breeds, why then couldn't a more powerful intelligent designer have created us?

Ok, first of all, humans didn't "create" different species or breeds of dogs, we just put them near each other and the dogs took care of the rest (the "creating", or as we from the East Coast say, "the fuckin'"). Different dog breeds are evidence of variation within a species; sort of like white people, black people, tall people, short people, albino people, and people who think invisible bearded dudes will throw them in a Lake of Fire for all eternity if you get a tinglin' in your loins for another dude.

For arguements sake, however, let's just say that we did create the dogs. Then, by the writer's logic, a "more powerful" entity must have created us. The problem is now that your "more powerful" entity requires a designer, and so on backwards ad infinitum. This line of reasoning is not intelligent, answers nothing, predicts nothing, and is completely unfalsafiable; therefore it is not science and is relegated to theology. QED, motherfuckers.

As an interesting side note, I believe "QED" is the fancy book-learnin' way to say "...and the horse you rode in on - which was also not 'created'."

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At 6/12/05 1:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6/12/05 1:54 am, Anonymous Adam Marchant said...

Mike -

it's Intelligent Designers all the way up ...

and turtles all the way down.

At 6/12/05 8:47 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Dammit, I knew it was going to be turtles... Great - now I get to go to the lake of fire.


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