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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Mom Show

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why is this dude watching The Mom Show?" That is a relevent question, but it's not to be answered here. I'll leave it to your imaginations.

So The Mom Show is on and they get to the end bit after a few minutes on baby massage. One of the hosts starts telling a story about a "weird experience" she had while getting a massage at a Banff hotel. The therapist was using honey (weird, to be sure, but it's a spa - what do you want?) and all was silent during the treatment. All of a sudden, the female therapist says, "Tony says 'hello'." How fucking creepy is that?

Well, the host says she didn't know any Tony. Not to be dissuaded, the therapist said, "Yes you do." Lo and behold, there was a person that the TV chick remembered from her youth who died named Tony. The assembled women swooned, "Wooohhh - that's amazing. Do you believe in that stuff?"

"One hundred percent", said one of the talking head women. The woman who related the story said she had had a reading from John Edward (the douchebag) and "totally believes that there's people out there who can talk to the dead."

I'm curious about this therapist. How many other times has she said some random name and the person on the table had no idea what the fuck she was talking about. She hits one name that this chick had to strain to remember and she's "amazing". Obviously this "Tony" was not a huge person in the woman's life if she didn't recognize the name right away. If she had said some other name, like most other times, I suspect, this TV woman would have forgotten about the entire incident (can you say "subjective validation" and "retrofitting" kids? I knew that you could).

The Lifestyle channel is not prone to have the most intellectual programming, but come on; not ONE person saying, "Talking to the dead? Are you serious? That's just retarded - and John Edwards is a huge douchebag." There should be a roving skeptic position in the media who just drops in when conversations turn to the paranormal. That would be a fabulous job.

I wonder where you'd drop a resume off...?

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At 3/12/05 10:28 am, Blogger vjack said...

Welcome to Atheism Online! I just approved your request for a directory listing. It is always nice to have another atheist-oriented blog, and yours looks like a good one.


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