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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pat Robertson

Oh Pat there anything you won't say to get attention and headline space? Do you really believe in all the hate that flows out of your jebus-hole or are you just an extraordinarily bad marketing student?

After the Dover school board recently voted out all eight members who wanted "intelligent" design taught in their science classes, Robertson said this gem, "If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected him from your city." Pardon me if I'm getting this mixed up, but if Robertson is correct, didn't his "God" make the entire universe? In six days? Why would a few people getting uppity in a small town, in a tiny corner of ONE of the galaxies He manages, bother Him? How insecure is this fuckin' guy?

I'm fairly sure that when Robertson opens his mouth to order a club sandwich at the deli counter, he embarrasses himself in some way or other. But when there's camera there and that "faith-based mental retardation" rears it's ugly head, Pat's time to shine truely comes to fruition. I'm happy that he's out there, because he's the person that is going to say the stupid shit that is going to piss off the opponents of I.D. so much that they'll finally band together and squash this religion-bomb.

Teach I.D. in your private schools if you like (your children will never get a job in science, but hey, I hear the clergy is looking for new members who don't want to bone little kids), teach it in your theology classes (where the magic and talking snakes and Jesus "killing" a fig tree because it didn't provide food for him, don't seem fuckin' crazy), but get this straight - "Intelligent" Design is not intelligent. The "design" we see is often not intelligent, and it is completely explainable. You are free to believe in whatever silly-ass, weirdy shit you can think up as long as you don't hurt anyone or anything else; but don't, for one second, think it is science.

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