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Monday, December 05, 2005

O'Reilly's List

So, can Canadian websites get on Joe McCarth...sorry, Bill O'Reilly's "enemy" list? Is there some sort of qualification process? Ooo, could we make it like a Miss World pagent and have a talent competition followed by swimsuits and evening gowns? Oh, right, that would make dudes like me somewhat gay, and we all know what happens after that: The Collapse of the Family.

Friggin' right wing psychos....

I know Bill has some quippy, "Canada needs the U.S. to protect it from terrorists, so know your place" comment all stored up in case some mouthy Canuck pokes his head up to take a verbal jab at him and his hate-filled, misdirected, wannabe badass show. Tucker "Bow Ties = cool!" Carlson, part II. All I can say from up here is that we know most Americans are not like you, Mr. Hate-The-French. You will be going the way of Morton Downey Jr. soon enough, faking Nazi beatings in an airport bathroom and trying to stay in the public eye....

Yeah, and until then, eat some ass.

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