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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on MJ

Rabbi Boteach seems to be holding all the answers. Actually, he has one answer that fits any question or problem you may have. Get more religion.

The Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (RSB from now on) has in the past commented on Jackson’s alleged conversion. In an article from December 2003, RSB says, “…if Michael Jackson authentically and sincerely re-found Jesus right now, it might rescue him from the nightmare that has become his life. So why choose instead to join "Nation of Islam"? Because Jesus and Christianity would make major demands on Michael – demands of character – to which he clearly is even now not prepared to commit. It's of course a lot easier just to join a radical Black Muslim group and claim to be victimized by a hostile white world.”

So Christianity is better than Islam. But being Jewish is better than anything. Of course, if you are an atheist, you are doomed not to hell, but to being materialistic, shallow, depraved and suffocated by the selfishness of egocentrism. Wow – sucks to be me then.

RSB said that, “Michael…is living proof that religion in the modern age is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. God is not something we can pull out as a Christmas gift. Faith is no longer something that can be reserved only for the bunker.” Well, religion never was something reserved only for the bunker. Contrary to the popular belief, there are atheists in foxholes. Always have been. Religion is not the answer; it’s a large part of the problem. Why are there people in those foxholes to begin with, Shmuley? A lot of the time, it’s because religious people want to kill each other. Shall I list some religious wars/conflicts? Afghanistan (Muslim against non-Muslim), Bosnia (Serbian Orthodox Christian against Muslim), Cyprus (Christians and Muslims), and Uganda (Animists, Christians, and Muslims).

One quote that shows where RSB’s head is at is, “Michael Jackson is actually an outstanding candidate to come back to God because he was once a very pious and devoted religious son, who spent his weekdays in church and his Sundays proselytizing (stress mine). So trying to make other people believe in your invisible man in the sky, potentially erasing culturally distinctive beliefs, is ok with RSB. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for getting people to drop the stupid, religious, superstitious nonsense altogether; but exchanging one childish belief for another is like replacing Santa Claus with the Tooth Fairy.

This is a great bit. “I have more than a few celebrity friends, and most started life as decent people whose only crime was to be so dark on the inside that they just couldn't live without the spotlight on the outside.” I’m sure your “celebrity friends” loved reading that. “You weren’t talkin’ ‘bout me, were you Shmuley?”

Apparently being a celebrity grants you full access into hell. RSB thinks that, “it's become so essential that we rescue our celebrities, primarily by having them bring God back into their lives.” Celebrities also, indirectly of course, bring fame and money to RSB. I wonder if he ever thought that a lot of us like to watch “celebrities” crash and burn into a vortex of drugs, sex, and crime. It’s amusing to see people who have contributed so little to society, people who have focused on themselves so much, come apart at the seams. Hell, who didn’t call Britany’s divorce from Kevin-Bob? She’s going to be the Elizabeth Taylor of our generation. Well, ok, maybe Jennifer Lopez.

Finally on Jackson, RSB says, “…if he (Michael) has any chance of arresting the downward freefall that is his life, it will have to be by grabbing onto the life preserver called the church…” Well, you might want to check on all the criminals and murderers in prisons around the country to see which are “born again”. I’m sure that when they get out, they’ll all be fine, upstanding Christians, Jews and Muslims. Ever notice whenever some psycho serial killer is caught, what the odds are that he will be super religious? Maybe “talks to God”?

There is nothing religion can give a person that isn’t available through other means, without the “we’re the only path to salvation, without us you burn in Hell, we’ll kill you if you’re not one of us” bullshit. We need to get rid of irrational belief – it won’t happen soon, but it’ll happen. Not next year though, because RSB has a new show coming out on TLC (“The Learning Channel” or, more accurately, “Totally Lowering Consciousness”) called Shalom in the Home. He’s basically going to be a Jew Dr. Phil making house calls.

Tune me out.

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