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Friday, January 06, 2006

Captain Obvious Speaks

Well, here is yet another article I read that states that scientists have come out against retarded "alternative" medicine. If you have the taste of magnetism in your mouth, check the article out here.

I read Robert Parks' book Voodoo Science and one thing he said is that most people seem to choose what science they believe in the same way they decide to be Catholic or Baptist. It's just what makes the most sense to them at the time. So goes the magnetism bit - magnets attract iron, we can see that displayed by any 5 year old who visited the Science Centre. There's iron in your blood, so why wouldn't magnets attract blood to the area and, you know, heal stuff?

Makes sense if you have no idea about blood. See, the iron in blood is chemically bonded to hemoglobin thus rendering it non-magnetic. If blood were attracted to magnets, getting an MRI would be a lethal procedure and that bit in X-Men where Mystique injects the skin-hound guard with iron, then Magneto pulls his blood out of his body, would be feasible (if there were mutants with super powers kicking around...damn reality).

I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as "alternative medicine". There's medicine that works and medicine that is unproven or doesn't work. Magnet "therapy" is one of those that doesn't work at all. Penn and Teller's Bullshit did a nice job of exposing the weirdness of this particular health fetish. Speaking of fetish, I wonder why flogging, nipple clamps, or bondage have never been touted by frauds as having healing powers? Hell, at least that would be mildly entertaining. I'd pay $14 to see Kevin Trudeau beaten with a paddle, electrically shocked, then get a cigarette put out on his eye.

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