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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Change of Government

So last night the Conservatives won a minority government here in Canada. Stephen Harper is the new Prime Minister and now has to start fulfilling the promises he made on the campaign trail. I'm sure the meeting after the victory sounded like Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom in Independance Day:

New Finance Minister to Harper - "You sure you can fly this thing?"
Harper - "You sure you can do all that shit I promised?"

A grand state of affairs. They are, at this moment, laughing like Sideshow Bob after his election. I am not optimistic about the debates that will follow in the House. I'm sure the reduction of the GST will be done, but I also have a feeling that abortion will come up and then a revisit of the same-sex marriage decision.

At least it's a minority and the Cons can be held in check by the NDP and Libs. Hell, even the Bloc and the one independant has sway. Imagine the power that little fucker will have in a tight vote....

And now I go smolder and try to sift through boxes.

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