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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

China Weighs in on ID

Take a look at this and have a bit of a read. China is certainly not the poster country for tolerance by any stretch of the imagination, but this article shows that they are critical of ideas with no backing. China, of course, has a horrible record of abusing and imprisoning people who don't believe the party line on faith (or lack thereof) and shows how a country can go too far the other way towards state-sponsored atheism. This is not the type of society to which any rational person would aspire.

Apart from this, however, the article does have its points. Basically a recap of recent events in the U.S. of late (Dover, in particular), the author does indicate that holes in a theory do not immediately cause it to fall apart. To paraphrase what Dr. Eugenie Scott said, the biblical literalists take every word of the bible as truth, so if one bit is proven false, it all is thrown into question. They treat science the same way, but science doesn't work like that.

It's nice to see another country saying that "Intelligent" Design is silly religious tripe, even if it is a country whose government tortures and imprisons people based on their beliefs. China is far from perfect, but don't think they are out of good ideas. Like I say about Gov. Bush when he does something vaguly correct or appropriate, "even a broken watch is right twice a day."

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