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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Clarence Ray Allen

On January 17, 2006, Clarence Ray Allen will be executed in California. He will be 77 years old. Just in case you feel sorry for him, here's what a judge said about a recent appeal:

Evidence of Allen's guilt is overwhelming. Given the nature of his crimes, sentencing him to another life term would achieve none of the traditional purposes underlying punishment. Allen continues to pose a threat to society, indeed to those very persons who testified against him in the Fran's Market triple-murder trial here at issue, and has proven that he is beyond rehabilitation. He has shown himself more than capable of arranging murders from behind bars. If the death penalty is to serve any purpose at all, it is to prevent the very sort of murderous conduct for which Allen was convicted. (
from wikipedia)

In my humble opinion, Clarence Ray Allen deserves to die. Just like Stanley Williams before him, the fact that he's a scumbag doesn't outweigh the fact that he's now old and blind and in a wheelchair for a lot of soft-hearted folks. My view is that he committed horrible crimes for which he has not paid, and now the American taxpayers are buying him dinner and new tires for his chair. You break society's rules like he did, you don't get to live with us anymore.

Also, where is Jamie Foxx now? Where's the Rev. Jesse Jackson? It's an old Indian-heritage white guy, not a black man, so the protesters are lost in the sidestreets and off making movies or rap albums. Shouldn't Snoop Dogg be outside San Quentin saying something? Nope. Hope that "racist" charge they were lobbing at the justice system wasn't printed on a boomerang, because it certainly looks like it's circling back to smack them right in the face. "What? That death-row inmate wasn't nominated for a Nobel Peace prize? He's white? Well he can't further our agenda, cancel the protest."

I'm happy and I think Allen is getting what he deserves. Foxx, Rev. Jackson, Snoop, and the rest need to rethink their motivation.

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