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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Comics Rule

In a world of 24 hour "news" and so-called "hard edged" shows on television, why is it that comics are the ones who consistently tell people to suck bollocks? Whether it's Jon Stewart's now classic skull-fucking of Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala on Crossfire, or David Letterman's all-too-easy skewering of right-wing paste-eater Bill O'Reilly ("I have the feeling about sixty percent of what you say is crap."...fantastic) recently, it's usually the funny folks who are outing all the weirdos and puffed shirt paper tigers.

How many times has The Daily Show been so on-point with a criticism that it was both hilarious and sad? Too many to mention. When was George Carlin not absolutely correct in his assessment of religion (his re-writing of the Ten Commandments was amazing in its simplicity)? Bill Maher, for all his lunatic anti-vaccination and PETA retardness, said that religion was a mental disorder. We're at a point in North American media history where the "reporters" are being usurped by great bloggers and guys who used to do puppet work and tell dick and fart jokes. Sometimes still do.

Bill Hicks once said that fundamentalism breeds people with no humour. He was right. They can't take a joke about their weird-ass beliefs and will, in certain instances, try to kill you if you do. Pointing out the stupidity of a position so everyone else laughs at you puts you in a very defensive place; but people have to be willing to abandon a ludcrious set of beliefs. That's where religion, and particularly fundamentalism, is far away from rationality.

Let reason have a central position in society, and make sure there's an Improv next door.

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At 6/1/06 1:16 pm, Blogger franky said...

Thanks for the comment Mike, also, congrats on being on Randi's site. I thought to myself, "that blog looks familiar"


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