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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dawkins' The God Delusion pt. 1

Over at One Good Move, they have posted a short video clip from Richard Dawkins' new show, The God Delusion. The also have the full audio of part one which is more than worth a listen.

It's nice to see someone calling religious people on their claims. When pastor Ted Haggard, a psycho of the grandest order, accuses Dawkins and science of having an "intellectual arrogance", it is hard not to laugh. Who, exactly is being arrogant here? On one side we have Dawkins saying that science changes, keeps pace with new information, and is, by its nature, tentative. Haggard, conversely, is saying that he has the answers in his book, which is "inspired, infallible, and inerrant" (from his site here).

This guy was on the Barbara Walters Heaven special and came across as a fundie psycho then, saying that "there's no guarantee" that non-believers get into Heaven. Of course, being "born again" is that guarantee and if you don't want to burn in the lake of fire, you better do your first few seconds over again. Nothing like a little spiritual blackmail to make your morning go smoothly, eh?

The Muslim freak was even scarier. Dawkins said that in his naive state, he thought a convert would be more reasonable, but I would think that a muslim convert would be all the more convinced of what he/she believes. This unreasonable assclown actually said, "...there will come a day, and that day is now, when you're on our land, spreading these ideas, when the soldiers of Allah will not put up with this." Sounds like a threat to me.

What is so scary about ideas? This guy sounds like those dipshits in the States like Fred Phelps who hate homosexuals so much they picket the funerals of gays. What are they afraid of? Is being an atheist or a homosexual so attractive to people that even exposure to the ideals or lifestyle will instantly convert a Muslim away from their grovelling or a Southern Baptist to sodomy and raves? Is the way of life for a Muslim so horrible and unfulfilling that being around an atheist would crumble their view of the world and cause them to renounce their faith in favour of godless heathenism and the betterment of the lives of his/her family, friends, and community? Sounds good to me; send in the Atheist Missionaries!

I also liked the "teapot analogy" of Bertrand Russell's that Dawkins used. I, apparently, have not become well-read in my nine years as an outed atheist and rationalist as I had never heard of this bit before. It shall be put into my quiver and pulled out when needed. Hellbound Alleee's comments on the audio (her link is also to the right) program are worth reading as it is nice to hear a female's view on the psychosis of the Muslim radicals.

Again, the call must go out - religion is bad and must go away.

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