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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hey, These Wings are Both for the Right....

Man, I can't stand religious people....

I’m reading about the Conservative victory in our election last night and from Bob Morrison, a fundie Christian leader from the American “Family Research Council”, we get this lovely quote: "We are glad to see that Canadians have values-voters too…”

What the fuck are “value-voters”? Is that to say that people who voted for the Liberals or NDP or Green or whoever, have no worthwhile values? The inherent superiority within that one sentence pisses me off so much that I can barely contain it. So the only “values” worth voting for are ultra-conservative Christian ones? The “value" of discriminating against minorities by denying them basic human rights? The “value” of withholding medical procedures from those who require them based on the twisted thinking that a partially formed fetus has more right to life than a fully-grown woman, wife, mother, or daughter? If those are your values, you want a theocracy – and there are several countries we can point to as role models: Iraq, Afghanistan (under the Taliban), Vatican City…

Just to show how weirdy this “Family Research Council” is, here is their number one “core value” (taken from their website here:)

God exists and is sovereign over all creation. He created human beings in His image. Human life is, therefore, sacred and the right to life is the most fundamental of political rights.

You know, just because you say something is true, doesn’t make it so. “God exists…” is an opinion, and a lot of us don’t give a fuck about yours. You make a claim, you prove it to be true, otherwise you are talking out your ass. “He” didn’t create humans. Unless you can prove that, shut your hole. And if you point to the damn bible as proof, I’m going to point to a nice recipe for Cajun Shrimp and explain the deep metaphysical, spiritual, and societal meanings found within, as planted by the All-Seeing, All-Knowing Shrimp Lord. Makes the same amount of sense.

Of course, another of their “core values” is:

Government has a duty to promote and protect marriage and family in law and public policy.

This is the “we hate fags” value. You might as well join up with Fred Phelps right now, because to anyone with a brain, this is just hate-speech dressed in chiffon.

If Stephen Harper is liked by these assholes, I’m scared for the future of Canada.

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At 13/7/06 4:16 pm, Anonymous scenedesmeriffic said...

"What the fuck are “value-voters”? Is that to say that people who voted for the Liberals or NDP or Green or whoever, have no worthwhile values?"

No, no. Value-voters are like value-shoppers, who always seek out the candidate who gives them the most for their money!


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