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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Microsoft to Religion - "Suck it."

I'm becoming quite the fan of Bill Gates. Microsoft recently reinstated its support of gay rights and is introducing legislation to ban discrimination against gays and lesbians. Some other companies are involved as well such as Boeing, HP, and Nike. Gates did this in the face of religious contempt. Hear hear.

Of course, religion is not down with that whole "inclusion" thing. A douchebag reverend in Washington state named Ken Hutcherson is calling for a boycott of Microsoft because, well, it's what Jesus would do (or something equally retarded). I bet he wears a WWJD bracelett. I always thought those were pretty faggy...

You can always count on religion to bring up the rear in civil progress. Ignorant motherfuckers have, for years and years, used the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and whatever other "man in the sky" book you can think of to justify keeping minorities repressed and to ostracize people who are different. What annoys me to no end these days is that these slope-browed miscreants all belong to groups like "Focus on the Family" or the "Traditional Values Coalition" - groups that sound like you'd want to belong to them. But when you meet the Christian Seig Heil Nation that runs them, you realize that they are looking for religious purity throughout the country, nay, the world!

Ignoring them is not an option. We must stand up to them and call them on their stupid bullshit in public forums. We must do it so people see the smoke and mirrors of religious belief for what they are - dangerous and in bad need of being run out of town.

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