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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Start of a Just World?

Dateline: Italy, 2006. A judge orders a priest to prove that Jesus actually existed. How cool is THAT?! Check out the article here, if you choose. I think it's completely cool that "abuse of popular credulity" is a crime in Italy. Is it too late in my life to move there? I'm only thirty-five, I think I can swing it. Cappuccino at ten, I believe I'll say "yes".

I think it's pretty great that there's someone out there in a position of power calling religion on their bullshit. I mean, for a judge to say, "ok, you say some dude, two-thousand years ago, did a bunch of 'miraculous' shit and people are now giving you money because of it...that means you need to prove that guy actually existed and did that shit", is fantastic. I'd like to see that happen somewhere in North America. This is one court case I'll be watching closer than that misshapen mole on my left shoulder.

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