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Friday, February 10, 2006

Jesus in Court - Pt. II

From the "we knew it was too good to be true" department, a judge in Italy threw out cranky old atheist Luigi Cascioli's case against his childhood playmate and now priest in which Cascioli charges the priest effectively lied to people in saying that Jesus lived. The case would be to have the priest prove the existence of said savior, but to quote the street kids, "it ain't happenin'".

Mr. Cascioli has said that he will appeal the case to the highest court in Italy and then to the Hague, but if you're waiting for people to take that strong a stance against religion, you might want to bring a book. I'm certainly not expecting an atheist-positive outcome, but hey, at least the guy had the nachos to bring the case about in the first place.

I think we should charge the Muslims too. Let's say they're lying to the world and have no proof that any of their make-believe people hangin' with Simon's Drawrings actually existed either. Of course, if we did that, they'd get insulted at the "offense against Islam" and burn places and behead people. No real sense of "rational debate" there, is there?

How about this as a start: We (non-muslims) won't expect you (muslims) to do what we do or read what we read - you won't have to wear thongs or watch shitty tv; in return, we won't have to follow your rules - we draw whatever we want, we eat what we want, we make statues of what we want, and if our wives/girlfriends/daughters get raped or have sex, we won't kill them. Deal?

Let's set a precedent: get some proof that your "special little guy" actually did something worth worshipping before you start killing people for him/her/it. That'd be swell. Yeah, I know...let your breath out.

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