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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Muslims, Hindus, The Aristocrats, and the Art of the Insult

I just bought The Aristocrats, the documentary about a particularily foul joke, by Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza. I saw it in the theatre (alone, as my wife would not have enjoyed it, thus decreasing my enjoyment) and laughed my ass off, vowing then and there to make it a part of my home collection. If you don't like comedy, don't see it. If you like comedy, don't see it. But if you love comedy, check it out. Actually, if you're into comedy enough, you will have already seen it and have no need of me.

For those of you not fans of comedy, a large part of it is pushing boundaries. Using language to entertain, insult, offend, and oftentimes shock people is commonplace and comics absolutely love to find a new way to say something in a more non-conventional way.

Of course, not everyone likes it. That's part of its joy. Saying that you enjoyed The Aristocrats instantly puts you on a list of people I'd probably enjoy hanging out with. It's a barometer of taste and sense and if you get offended by this movie, I will, guaranteed, offend you with something I say or do during the next week or so. Maybe in the next few minutes.

While watching the DVD and the extra material, I was struck at how easily offended so many people and groups are around the world. Look at the Muslims now, burning buildings and threatening to behead people over cartoons. Hindus are once again losing their minds over a depiction of something they consider holy. It is so stupid that it doesn't even make sense to try to make it make sense.

Seriously, it's a picture. In the movie, when a pregnant female comic talks about being fucked in the ass on stage and the unborn baby blowing the guy inside her, it's funny. Yes, it's rude and yes it's what most people would consider out-of-bounds, but that is precisely why it's funny. It's why kids in the fourth grade tell "dead baby" jokes.

"What's the difference between loading a truck full of bowling balls and a truck full of dead babies?"
"You can use a pitchfork on the dead babies."

That is what fundamentalists do not understand - if you have rules for your life that you obey, fine. You aren't allowed to make images of your "prophet", great - don't do it. If you have been offended by a joke or you don't use "vulgar" language, don't see The Aristocrats and don't tell dead baby jokes. That's your option. But don't ever tell me that I can't do those things.

You live by your rules, don't try to make other people follow them. Oh, and the irony of calling yours a "religion of peace", then getting offended by cartoons that portray you as terrorists and psychos, then reacting to said cartoons by acting like terrorists and psychos, is not lost on us.

Stop being such pussies. All of you. Have some pork, have some cow, drink a beer, fuck a woman, fuck another guy, fuck a donkey, take off the turban and the burkha, and re-fuckin'-lax. The sun will come up tomorrow after we all call your particular god a pube-sucking toddler-fucker with a small dick and gout. Seriously. It will.

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At 31/3/08 10:35 pm, Blogger Jon said...

If you've got a driving need to witness the most offensive, outlanding movie making, add Clive Owens' Shoot 'Em Up to your must see list. Totally over the top & totally hilarious.


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