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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Must I Shrive?

So here we are on what is celebrated by many as Shrove Tuesday (or as the folks in N'Orlaans say, "Mardi Gras" - "fat Tuesday"). That time before you give up something special for 40 days - no, not sex, weirdo...unless you're addicted and require help - when you confess your sins, or "shrive", then have a big 'ol feast.

The feast, of course, was to use up the stuff you weren't supposed to eat during Lent (the aforementioned 40 days). No eggs, no "milky" substances, and no cheese. Fats and the like were right out. Because all this stuff, plus a little flour, could make pancakes quite nicely, we get Pancake Day!

This is all going to lead into a nice little Easter post in approximately...well...I'd say around, oh, forty days. But for now, tomorrow my friends I shall have a fantastic breakfast of pancakes and bacon and eggs. You know, just so I can reinforce to my cat that I'm not "one of those folks".

He takes note of those things. Bastard.... Maybe I'll slip a little bacon fat into his morning dish of food just so he's not able to be claimed either. There's the rub.

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