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Friday, February 03, 2006

Seeing Red (String)

Ashton Kutcher, who I'd rather step into the Octagon with than write about, is in the peripheral news again. This time it is for being angry with the director of his new film for not allowing him to wear his little red string during filming. Check out the part where it says that he wore the fucking thing during the filming of Guess Who and subsequently cost the production $100,000 in digital imaging to erase it. What a complete retard.

You know, when I got married, I told my wife that I wanted a plain ring. I'm not a flashy, jewelry type fella, plus I'm a massage therapist so I can't wear the thing at work. She said that I should get something nice and special. Now, to her I said this: "It isn't the ring. I want to get a ring that I'll want to wear, but the ring doesn't mean anything. I'm not going to love you more with a sparkly diamond ring than I will with a plain one. It's a symbol, nothing more."

Yeah, romantic, I know. My point, however, remains - if you are serious about what you feel (even if it is some silly-ass "religion" endorsed by the chick who did Strip Tease and the other one with the pointy tits who gave a blowjob to an empty bottle), then the outward expression is irrelevant. It's your feelings that count.

Of course, you should always be able to see logic and reason, but let's not push Ashton too hard. It is his first day, after all. Don't work too hard on Punk'd, Kutch.

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