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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tell Me Again About Religion and Peace...?

While surfing for news today I came across this bit of unpleasantness from Nigeria. Seems the fallout from the Cartoons of Death is still raining, except now it's the backlash to the backlash.

Since the Muslim freaks rioted and killed a bunch of people and burned 30 churches in response to cartoons in a newspaper thousands of miles away, the Christian freaks have now come out from under the woodwork (or dirt floors and rocks, I assume) to kill some Muslims and burn some mosques.

As George Carlin once said, "...any time a bunch of holy people want to go out and kill each other, I'm a happy guy!" The sad part is that kids and people who have no part in their stupid beliefs or angers are getting caught in the crossfire.

Here's an interesting parallel: when two gangs start shooting up a neighborhood over "turf" or "colors", and some kid walking home from band practice or soccer gets killed by a stray bullet, people freak out. They say that the death was needless and stupid. There is outrage, and rightfully so. The reasons gangs fight are as retarded as how the 130lb "gansta" looks in those size 7X pants.

Why is there not international outrage about children getting blown up because a non-existant man in the sky might be "offended" by fucking drawings? Where are the editorials in the Times or the Journal or the major magazines saying what many of us know - religion is a neurological virus that preys on the poor, gullible, and ignorant.

Don't even get me started about Fred Phelps. I'm as against the "war" as anyone who remembers the reason Bush wanted to go into Iraq is (W.M.D., indeed), but picketing the funerals of soldiers because "God is punishing the United States for harboring homosexuals"? That's top-shelf delusional. That's delusional like an evil Shirley MacLaine or something. Why is it that someone cool like Bruce Lee can have an aspirin and die, and this douchesucker lives on and on as if he were some titanium Energizer Bunny of hate? You'd think supposedly "bad-ass" bikers would stomp Phelps into the dirt just for the fun of it - hell, they stomped Hunter S. Thompson. I bet Freddy getting the toes put to him would garner fabulous ratings on Pay-Per-View.

Outrage, people. If some idiot was killing people because the Tooth Fairy was "disrespected in popular culture", he or she would be called insane and jailed for a very long time. Because the delusion of "god(s)" is so widespread among the population, we overlook the craziness of it - we need to knock that shit off and start getting angry. Not out-of-control angry, but angry enough to post on blogs, write to newspapers and magazines, and talk frankly about the virus that is religion and the damage it's doing to our world.

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At 13/7/06 3:02 pm, Anonymous scenedesmeriffic said...

The atheists of the world should have a rally protesting the defamation of the Tooth Fairy. But no one besides us would get the joke.


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