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Friday, February 03, 2006

Toon Freak

Well here comes another series of fatwas. These cartoons are making Muslims freak out because they feel insulted. Boo hoo. They're not allowed to make a pictorial representation of "the prophet", so when artists were asked to draw how they see Muhammad and drew the images on the link, Muslims, um, how shall I put it...lost they fuckin' minds.

Now, the Islamic zealots and dipshits (some of whom probably haven't even seen the fucking drawings) are picketing the Danish embassy in London with signs saying stupid shit like, "behead the one who insults the prophet" and "free speech go to hell". Nice. You wonder how people are supposed to negotiate shit that actually matters with these people, let alone the response to the "insult" of drawing a fucking cartoon. "Free speech go to hell"? - how about you go to some dark corner of Siberia for being such a fucking pussy that a drawring (as Simon in the Land of Make-Believe would say) of your special little guy gets you all worked up into a frothy lather (which a lot of you probably need anyway).

I have a t-shirt that has a caricature of Jesus on the front with the words, "Jesus is my homeboy" under him. I have seen a shirt that has a cartoon of Christ on the cross, winking and giving the thumb's up, with the caption, "Jesus did it for the chicks". On the Simpsons, Homer said to Apu (a devout Hindu) about his statue of Ganesh, "Geez Apu, when they were handing out religions, you musta been out taking a whiz." I can't count how many "cheap", "penny-pinching" Jew jokes or references I've heard. So what the fuck makes Islam above reproach? "Behead the one who insults the prophet"? See, that is what makes religion bad. Right there, in a nutshell. Absolutely no sense of humour at all.

You may not be right, Sayhid. Ever think of that? You have to live with us on this little blue-green ball, so you all better learn to chill the fuck out and handle your silly-ass, irrational, violent, asinine beliefs in a manner that allows you to co-exist.

Retards. You should all get padded turbans and ride on short suicide buses.

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At 9/2/06 9:10 am, Blogger Stardust1954 said...

Isn't it ironic that they use the right of free speech to express themselves in free nations, use the free nation to make a better life for themselves and then say "free speech go to hell"?

At 9/2/06 8:16 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

It certainly is, my friend. The irony is thick on this one.


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