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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You're Dead to Me

Taking inspiration from The Colbert Report, I have decided today to take a small amount of action on the silly religion front. I heard on the news that a car bomb went off in Iraq, killing four children on their way to school. This is one of many bombs that have killed inumerable people over the years, but this one just pushed me over the edge. So as of today, Islam is dead to me. People will no longer get the soft treatment from me with respect to "moderate" statements or coming out in defense of the victims of violence. If you consider yourself a Muslim, you shall be challenged.

Don't think it's just Islam that's on my list. I'm officially declaring Christianity dead to me as well. It is the supernatural mindset that leads to retarded thinking, and retarded thinking leads to not thinking at all, which leads to controlled people doing violent shit over...oh I don't know...cartoons.

Judaism is also dead for being involved in the whole "holy land is ours because God says so" shit. Killing people over stupid shit like that makes you soft in the head. I can't stand soft-headed people saying that their "special little guy" is mad about some perceived slight.

You are all going to be called on your bullshit, so get ready or don't bring it up.

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At 16/2/06 12:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just so I can remind you, the israeli's never spitefully killed anyone. They have a right to defend themselves like anyone else.
The muslims killing people based on "being offended" on the other hand...

At 16/2/06 7:45 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Everyone has a right to defend themselves. And your declaration that "Israeli's never spitefully killed anyone" is just wrong. Have you never heard of the Jewish extremist groups Kach or Kahane Chai? The fact that they're small doesn't mean they aren't still terrorists. And I'm sure that most Muslim societies don't consider Al Qaeda their peers. Please see here and stop being annoying on my site.


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