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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Someone's been doing some conspiracy reading or hanging out with David Icke. Charlie Sheen now thinks that something is fishy about the 9/11 attacks and, after his "research", it seems like the "worm is turning".

This guy couldn't get any weirder if he covered himself in cashew butter and ran naked through an onion patch screaming about his aversion to Viking helmets. He said that the collapse of the towers seemed like a "controlled demolition" - as opposed to...what, exactly?

You know, Charlie, when we need someone to put on a rubber chest-piece and "act" like a fifth rate comedian imitating Sly Stallone, we'll give you a ring. If you keep mouthing off about stupid shit like this, if I may quote Jeannie Bueller, "you lose a testicle".

Fuckin' weirdo.

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