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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fifty Million JebusFans CAN Be Wrong

In an article posted today, Tom DeLay comes out swinging at moderate Supreme Court Justices, particularily Ginsburg and O'Connor. He also comes across like the right-wing fundie assclown he tries to keep hidden. Check out these quote from the piece:

"All wisdom doesn't reside in ... people in black robes,"

"Our faith has always been in direct conflict with the values of the world,"

"We are, after all, a society that provides abortion on demand, has killed millions of innocent children, degrades the institution of marriage, and all but treats Christianity like some second-rate superstition."

If I may, I'm going to look at these individually. The first is just DeLay throwing a hissy fit because the two women Justices are acting normally when he obviously enjoys the controlling retardedness of Scalia or Thomas. "Roe v. Wade? Fuck Roe." No, Tom, all wisdom does not reside in black robe-clad folks. All wisdom does not reside in anyone; or any one book, for that matter. Which brings me to the second quote...

Yeah, your faith has been in direct conflict with the values of the world. I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with the 22 bible verses that talk about stoning people or oxen to death. Sort of like Numbers, verses 15:29 - 15:36 where it talks about people not from the Village of the Crazies being subject to your silly fucking ass-backward rules and being stoned to death for "collecting sticks on the Sabbath". Sort of like that? Your faith is WAY in conflict with my values.

The last quote begs to be torn apart. Our society does provide abortions. The U.S. and Canada have some of the most permissive abortion laws out there. If you'd care to look here you'll see the countries in the world that have the most restrictive laws, some of which don't even have a stipulation to allow abortion to save the woman's life. Raped? Fuck you. Incest? Fuck you. Gonna die because of the fetus? Fuck you hard. I'd like you to notice, Tom, that two of the countries on the "most restrictive list" are Afghanistan and Iraq - you know, the ones you've been at war with in the last four years. I'd also like to know how many of those countries you could point out on an unmarked map of the world.

No, we don't kill "millions of innocent children", you silly fuck. A fetus isn't a child. If it was, we'd call it a child. I know that an 8 week fetus looks like a tiny person, but what do you think it's supposed to look like? It's the size of a grape for fuck's sake. You're more concerned for a little grape-fetus than you are about the woman trying to make ends meet, working three jobs with four kids already? Shut the fuck up, Tom.

Moving on to "degrading the institution of marriage". Howzabout you talk to Britany Spears about her 12 hour marriage, Liz Taylor about her eight marriages, or Billy-Bob Thornton about his five. The "institution of marriage" is not worth the stature that no one cares religion puts in it anyway. Gay people don't fuck up marriage, straight people do, and apparently at least one website thinks God is ok with it.

People treat Christianity like a second-rate supersition because that's exactly what it is. I'm sure if you saw someone mumbling incoherently at a statue of Zeus, you'd think they might have had too much Ouzo; well, in my example here, you've had the Ouzo, and we're you. Put down the bottle and join the rest of us in sobriety without any invisible people telling you what to do. There's no "war" on your buddy because he's not there. You're just a little bit crazy. We're here to help, but not if you're going to be a douche about it.

That's the whole message. Don't be a douche.

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At 30/3/06 2:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike I like your rants and have become a frequent reader.

I do think your critism of Christians and divorce is a little off base. It is entirely possible to be pro-marriage and realize many will not end well. I don't think gay marriage harms marriage and find their argument poor. Nor do i think divorce harms marriage as evidenced by the number of divorced people who attempt another marriage. What hurts marriage is simply bad marriages. Nothing is worse than an unhappy person stuck in a bad marriage.

This is not an inconsistent Christian perspective. Most Christians realize cuasing a divorce is a sin but that often better things happen for all involved in future relationships.

All the fellow in your link has done is use the original Christian perspective that the Catholic church changed(irrationaly) in the 16th century.

Keep up the good work, your cracking me up.


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