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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Great Link from VJack

It's always nice to find a great link. When another writer says something you agree with and puts it the way you'd like to think you could have, it's a pleasure to read. Over at Atheist Revolution, VJack has linked to a great article that can be read here.

In the same vein as the oft refrained, "you do whatever you want, but leave me the hell alone" chant that we atheists promote, Malene Arpe points out how she really feels about religion (that it is destructive and pointless and childish), but also that in a free society it is the right of everyone to believe in whatever destructive, pointless, or childish things they want. Just don't think we won't call them by name

I feel a small tinge of pride that Ms. Arpe writes for the Toronto Star. I have no connection other than that I live just outside the city, but still. No use squandering coolness by association. It's hip to be godless! (Wasn't that a song by Huey Lewis and the News?)

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