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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Muslim See, Muslim Freak

The "do as we do" Muslim brigade has come out in force in Indonesia in protest of the pubication of Playboy magazine. Islamic freaks stoned the building and burned copies of the magazine in protest. All this because a titty magazine (with no titties, by the way) decided to make itself available in another market.

The religious folks, as fucked in the head as they are, are certainly allowed to think that the human body, and in particular, the female body, is a horrible horrible thing that makes a disgusting piece of "art". Muslims seem to think that seeing a woman without a fucking black sheet over her head will drive them to insanity, erections pointing towards Mecca. You know, for a religion that can convince dudes to strap explosives to their chest and blow themselves up in public, these guys have really shitty self-control.

And it's not like Maxim or Stuff aren't available there. Apparently, those mags are more explicit than the Indonesian version of Hef's. Oh, and the initial issue of Playboy has been selling well, thank you very much. So, all the Islamic 'tards are doing is threatening regular people to behave like "good Muslims", even if they aren't.

Imagine the outcry if atheists all of a sudden started blowing shit up so people would stop believeing in Jesus/Allah/Muhammad/Buddha/Abraham/the Bible/God. Out of the blue, atheists everywhere started demanding that Robert Ingersoll and Carl Sagan be made available in every church, synogogue and mosque in town because "we must be rational above all else". Imagine if atheists started putting a copy of The Demon-Haunted World in every hotel room across the land and removing those silly-ass Gideon bibles.
Of course, we could do some of these small things. Take the bible out of the next hotel room you stay in; replace it with a note or something suggesting some books to read instead. I just thought of that and I think it's a great idea. Who's with me?

Edit - It has been brought to my attention that I have a bit of a typo in the first paragraph. Please enjoy the use of the newly coined word for the publication of a pornographic magazine or book, "pubication". Thanks to "Dan" for pointing it out.

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At 18/4/06 5:15 pm, Anonymous dan said...

I'm with the muslims on this one. I too do not want to see the 'pubication' of Playboy magazine.

At 18/4/06 11:34 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Yeah...caught me in a typo. Ya gotta admit, though, "pubication" is a pretty fucking funny word - especially with respect to the content. In fact, that's not a typo at all.

At 16/6/06 7:43 pm, Anonymous b00m5t1ck said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but I've spent a better part of my day reading it. Well done.

Anywho, I surprised nobody has mentioned "The Abimelech Society". (of which I'm proud to consider myself a member)

Run it through your favorite search engine and see what your fellow Canadians have started....


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