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Friday, April 14, 2006

Sub-atomic Laws, Scientific Pause, Synchronicity....

So Douchepak Chumpra is back again, blathering on about how different people try to find and make sense of God. He does, to be fair, make some good points about God both being the cause of, and saviour from natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or radioactive bear-sized African killer bees descending on your town. He rightly points out that this can be a cause of some people to look elsewhere for God.

He says, "that spiritual seeking generally takes seven forms." I don't know where he got this number from, but I'm sure that seven is some sort of Kundalini magic number that Aphrodite used to cast a spell of knowledge on Hercules in the Garden of Namenclii or some such silliness. You never know with Douchepak - he was probably there and took psychic notes.

Religion (and gods, by extension) needs to make us special for it to work and have power over us. Charlatans like Chumpra try to make mystery where there is none and obfuscate where we already understand so he can have the answers in his twisted "physics". As an example, I guide you to his page of top selling products. If you would be so kind as to look at the "synchrodestiny" thingy and read the blurb beside. Oh, in particular, the part that says it will, "help you discover the power of meaningful coincidence to manifest abundance in your life. Much like a powerful magnet, you will begin to attract material wealth, emotional well-being, spiritual fulfillment, and a deep awareness of your life's true meaning and purpose."

This putrid, ass-smelling line of "thinking" is so shallow that you might confuse it with square of wet toilet paper on a bus-station floor. When new-agey helmet-heads start talking about coincidence, you should just retreat into your mind and think about times tables or the chemical forumla for root beer or anything more intelligent than what the hemp-clad crystal hawker is the lyrics to the latest 50 Cent "song".

Noticing that Pink Floyd's song Money is playing on LuLu Lemon's sound system while you're purchasing a $400 thong, then finding a quarter on the ground does NOT mean that you are about to come into some undeserved cashish. Douchepak would like you to think it means you should spend another $150 on SynchroDoucheity so you can learn what, exactly it really means.

Chumpra should just tithe crystal-wearing hippies 20% of their income and keep buying Jags.

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