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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is my rifle...

Radio host John London was recently fired from San Francisco station KIFR-FM (106.9) for uttering a death threat directed towards Penn Jillette. See, Penn did a show talking about the recent offer to Paris Hilton to play Mother Theresa in an Indian movie. He was none too kind to the Albanian nun, as has been his position in the past, much like fellow Theresa debunker, Christopher Hitchens.

I can see London trashing Jillette. I can. I mean, if you buy all the "she was a saintly woman who never did anything wrong" stuff, maybe you could have a bone up your ass for protecting her. The part where he deserves to be fired comes when he offers $5000 for Jillette's death or, "$7000 if he suffers". You can't make a specific threat like that - geez, if you did that about the president, you'd be in jail right now politely asking Jamaal to go easy with the pelvic thrusts and at what time, precisely, would he like his salad tossed.

Will Paris Hilton play M.T. in the movie? Most likely not after a complete background check reveals the night-vision wiener sucking. Penn has his opinion about why Theresa did what she did (that is, not use the money that came to her to make her "hospitals" the best they could be, but only to further Catholic doctrine and keep herself among the suffering so she could become a saint, and her ties to rather brutal dictators - which is backed up with solid evidence in Hitchens' book) and he's more than allowed to say as much. London can rebutt to his little heart's content, but threatening a cash reward for his death is, as Austin Powers says, "well, it's just not cricket, baby."

If you want to see what "Mother" Theresa is about, just read Hitchens' book. It's short, but as Amazon says, it's a "little cruise missile of a book". And now, I'm off to work. Enjoy your day.

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At 12/4/06 6:54 pm, Blogger Chad Lindsay said...

I know John. I worked with him at the radio station. He's like what you would expect a true Irish cathotholic to be. He drinks, he smokes, he loves women and he'll blow up your car and punch your wife in the face if you say anything against the virgin Mary.

I think that firing him was over the line, but I can understand if you are a public figure offering money for the death of someone else in the name of religion....CBS has to do something - even if John is speaking in jest...there has never been a shortage of Christians willing to kill for jebus.

At 13/4/06 6:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firing him is the best thing to do. He has an unintelligent show and believes he is justified and making an illegal threat against Penn Jillette over public radio.

Maybe they should just have him put in jail for trying to commission a hit against someone. Let him keep his job and broadcast from jail.

At 13/4/06 10:09 pm, Blogger JustinOther said...

What I find amusing is that Penn has an opinion of MT and gets blasted for it. Yet, if Rush claimed he wanted to molest litlle boys, his minions would say..."well, he must have a good reason."

At 14/4/06 11:01 am, Blogger The Preacher said...

His offer wasn't just poorly considered, he's a cheap bastard as well. $5000 for killing such a well known target is way below the going rate. He'd be lucky if he can find a drunk in a bar who'd be willing to take that job on.

Chad, I don't see how firing him could be over the line. If it's true that he was silly enough to advertise for a hit-man on his show then CBS had no choice. Even if it's a joke, it was a poorly judged one.


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