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Monday, May 08, 2006

Baby Jebus Hates Me

I have a t-shirt that is black and across the front in small white letters it says, "god hates you." I love that shirt. It's a conversation starter and, sometimes, finisher. You can quickly tell who you will get along with in a room full of people.

There are attitudes about atheists that get expressed again and again, "arguments" that get thrust in our faces that anyone who has no religious belief must face on a regular basis. The "what do you believe in then?" discussion, the "there is a god, just look at a sunset (or something else natural)" point, and my personal favorite, the oh-so-condescending "you believe in god, you just don't know it yet" front.

To address these one by one, we'll start by saying that atheists believe a lot of different stuff. We're just like any other group of people; when we get together, there's some people you hit it off with right away and others you think are huge dicks. The only thing that unites every atheist is the lack of belief in any supernatural weirdo in the sky (or wherever) who watches us all the time like some creepy Universe-creating James Stewart in Rear Window. Makes no sense.

The most non-sensical argument I've personally faced on more than one occasion is the second. Someone asks me if I believe in god and I say "no". The person asks why I don't and I tell them that I require evidence for the things I believe in and they come back with, "Well just look at a sunset/flower/butterfly/something natural and pretty".

Usually if I'm in a good mood and up for a discussion, I'll explain that those things are natural and there's no need to bring in a never-before-seen entity to explain them. If I'm in a crappy mood, I'll just point out the Ampulex compressa. This is a wasp that injects poison into a specific area of a roach's brain to turn it into a makeshift zombie, leading it into the wasp nest where it will lay an egg on the underside the still-living roach. The larvae chews through the belly to feed on the alive flesh of the roach, then grows up and goes to make zombies out of other roaches. Yeah, nice god you have there, flake-n-bake.

Now we come to the lamest of the lame. "You believe, you're just not accepting", is such an annoying phrase. It's like saying, "you believe in purple flying unicorns, you just need more time to come to terms with them". Atheists don't even consider anything supernatural because there is just no need to make that assumption. When a friend of mine at school saw my "god hates you" shirt, she came over and said, "you don't really believe god hates me, do you"?

I replied, "no, I don't, because the ability to hate presupposes existence." That stopped her. Most people are not familiar with Occam's Razor; they think that the acronym "UFO" automatically means aliens. ("Unidentified" is just that) They don't understand that the burdon of proof is on they who make the claim, not on everyone else to disprove what they've said. If there's evidence to examine that supports the belief that a "god" created the planet/universe, great, let's see it. Until then, the natural explanations so far plus the occasional "I don't know" is good enough for me.

It's late and I need to go to bed. Hopefully no big zombie-making wasp will inject my friggin' head while I sleep to lay their parasitic egg on my stomach. That would suck balls.

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At 9/5/06 6:11 pm, Anonymous modusoperandi said...

The part that you (and I) don't (and can't) understand is that from their point of view yours is the extraordinary claim. They can't prove that god exists and, lacking a letter from god that says, "I don't exist", we can't prove that god doesn't. Granted, our evidence against is stronger than their proof of (or rather our lack of evidence for, and their, "my book was writ by him" proof of). Remember, faith is not wanting to know what is true. Aw, crap, you made me quote Nietzsche.

...and disregard my email, I hit the wrong button before (god's holy wrath, maybe?)

At 9/5/06 7:48 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Yeah, true enough. Apologies for making Nietzsche come out and play.

Hey, thanks for reading!

At 9/5/06 8:12 pm, Anonymous modusoperandi said...

Yeh, I tried reading Nietzsche. I came to the conclusion that he just liked the sound of his own voice. If we were at a party together I'd eventually tell him to, "shut the hell up."

Also, I have no problem with the concept of god (provided it's a deist), as long as your faith makes you do good things that you would not otherwise do. I only have a problem when your faith gives you an "out" for doing evil shit (because your book/the voice in your head said it's okay).

Sadly, since they have god on their side, religion makes it too easy to fall down that path, and it, through guilt or threats of fire/brimstone, makes it too easy for the shepherds to push the sheep to do the same (don't they realize how the shepherd/flock thing has both positive and negative connotations? Have you ever seen sheep? They're the turkeys of the animal world. Well, the turkeys of the mammal part, anyway).

Or, to put it another way; Jesus I don't mind, it's some of the people that work for him that piss me off.

Also, I really like commas.

At 9/5/06 8:48 pm, Blogger Chad Lindsay said...

I've never met Jesus, but I've heard some stories! What a guy!

At 9/5/06 9:16 pm, Anonymous modusoperandi said...

He turned out okay, considering his messed up parentage; being a bastard son with an absentee father.

Perhaps it was better that his genetic father wasn't around; I read part his dad's autobiography, he comes off as kind of a prick, what with the him being a jealous, wrathful, micromanaging zealot...

Of course I'm considering the possibility that the whole book just an anthology of myths. I mean, nobody actually takes this book literally, right?

At 9/5/06 10:07 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Only one or two people. Sadly, those one or two people lead thousands. It's an uphill struggle.

At 10/5/06 4:18 am, Anonymous modusoperandi said...

...and I much as I dislike wandering off-topic; how the hell do Creationists get off calling Intelligent Design a theory? It's an untestable hypothesis, at best (although to them, it's law). Isn't it weird that you never see a non-fundy supporter of ID?
If any of the "big three" monotheist texts are really the true and actual word of god, can you stop the world and let me off? Why do they all say that their god is love, when their books have their gods behaving like asses. How come when god tells Joshua or Moses etc to kill a bunch of people it's a good and righteous thing, but when my god tells me to get naked in public I have to go to court? How come their religion attracts most of nuts, while mine only has me?
Why when I haven't slept in a couple of days do I ask so many questions?
...sigh...eyelids getting


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