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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Chicks Bleed Out Their Vaginas All The Time"

Respect oppressive and asinine views. Do not ever offend anyone - unless they are women or not believers in your particular irrational fantasy world.

I guess that's the take-away message of Benny XVI's visit to Poland. If you happened to see this article about Joey Ratz/Benny 16 going to his predecessor's hometown and the surrounding area, you may have taken in some of the more amazing quotes from it:

"...Warsaw and Krakow, will be dry, with a ban on all alcohol sales while the Pope is in town..." but the pope, "...will be offered both red and white wine as he attends a series of gala dinners." Soooo, the pope can drink because he has a special hat but the regular folks who just worked a full day can't go home and have a beer? Does the Catholic church have to be hypocritical about everything? It certainly seems as if they are trying.

"...(T)elevision advertisements for alcohol have also been banned, along with those for contraceptives, lingerie and tampons." So not only are they taking away Joey Regular's ability to have a beer, they're taking away his opportunity to view a beer advertisement? If the pope drinks wine, why can't there be a beer ad on tele? And no contraception or tampon ads? I realize that the pope and his bevy of followers like to say that they don't use contraception (take an informal poll and see how many Catholics use condoms - I bet that unless you're in Africa, it's a lot), but not everyone in Germany is Catholic. How are you going to curb the rights of everyone just to avoid "offending" some guy who walks with a stick and talks to an invisible man? Why am I one of the few people who thinks this is fucked in the head?!

And what's wrong with tampons? You know, if it was men who menstruated I'm sure the pope would have a tampon embroidered on his skirt and there'd be a damn commandment saying how long and absorbant they should be. The sanctimony and oppressiveness of the church truely knows no bounds.

"There is always the risk that the faithful may feel hurt if programming devoted to the Pope's visit is interrupted by frivolous ads...", said the head of advertising of the state-owned television network. Sorry? They may "feel hurt"? If I come home from a long day's work and my back hurts and I feel like a cold one, maybe I'd like to pick up a six-pack. I'd "feel hurt" if I was unable to do that because a guy who believes that a piece of dried bread actually turns into the flesh of another man, which he then fucking EATS, is in my country. What about my feelings?

This idea that the pope (or the dalai lama or the Grand schwarma or Darth Vader) is more important and should have his fragile ego/feelings stroked more than anyone else is wrong. It's so wrong, in fact, that it is harming everyone by putting irrational beliefs on a pedestal to be worshipped when they actually should be questioned and ridiculed.

I think women from all across Poland should have protested Benny's visit by showing up with tampons in hand, wearing lingerie with condoms stretched over their hands for gloves. Make a statement, people. The only way to get past this silliness is to point out, in no uncertain terms, exactly how stupid the ideals and beliefs of the church have always been.
(*Thanks to teakel for catching and correcting my geotardedness)

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At 31/5/06 3:59 am, Anonymous teakel said...

I think that Warsaw and Krakow are in Poland....

At 31/5/06 7:50 am, Blogger 01 said...

I kinda hope Benny would visit my country... I could totally live with a bit of a break from all those goddam ads.

Although our goverment are such a bunch of tribalistic heathens, they probably wouldn't recognise a pope if they saw one.

"Is he some sort of big sangoma(witchdoctor)?"

At 31/5/06 8:14 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Hahaha...Correction noted, teakel. That's me being an idiot. Thanks ;)


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