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Friday, May 12, 2006

Douchepak Chumpra - Now With 100% More Douche!

Once again, Douchepak is hard at it. He has written at the Huffington Post an article that makes me wonder if he has gone off the deep end. I mean, he's not even trying to lie and make it all pretty anymore - he's just pulling information out of his ass and passing it off as factual.

Case in point: He talks about people who are living to ripe old ages and how they can achieve this while sometimes being crabby bastards. In the opening paragraph he says, " one who has lived to 100 ever had a child who lived that long."

Really? In the whole history of the world, not one 100 year old father or, more likely, mother ever had a son or daughter live to be a centenarian as well? We're talking about a lot of people here, Douche. Take a look at the 1999 Special Report on Centenarians in the United States, 1990 here and check out page one under "U.S. Centenarians" where it says that there were 37,306 folks over 100 in the States. Sure, it is probably an overstatement, but not by a huge amount. And that's just in the U.S. of A. We're not even including India, China, or other countries with giant populations.

So let's say that the number from 1990 is overstated by just over seven thousand, making 30,000 a nice round figure to work with for argument's sake. We'll take ten thousand less for Indonesia and 20,000 more for India and China (based on the numbers from 1995 here), bringing us to a final, very conservative estimated count of 150,000 people in the World over the age of 100 in the early 90's.

Are you still sure that not one family ever had successive parent/child centenarians? I wouldn't take that bet based on large number statistics (but then, you left real science to deal in fluff, where numbers are just things to manipulate for your benefit - right?). As an example from Wikipedia: "the odds that you will win the lottery are very low; however, the odds that someone will win the lottery are quite good, provided that a large enough number of people purchased lottery tickets."

With a sample of that size, the odds that ONE family had a kid live to be one hundred years old are pretty high, I'd say. Any mathematicians care to comment?

Why am I beating this point to death? I'll tell you. I get tired of "gurus" like Douchepak throwing numbers and "theories" around without ever being fact-checked. He gets a pass when he talks about quantum physics because gullible people buy into his "mystical healer" act, nevermind that the scientists who read him (see here and here notibly), state that he is a manipulative quack who spews mumbo-jumbo to placate the hearts of desperate people, giving false hope and steering some away from treatments that may help or, at worst, taking time away from family and friends in the last days of life.

His blathering of, "If you can wiggle your toes with a mere flicker of an intention, why can't you reset your biological clock...The reason most people can't do it is because, first, they never thought of it and secondly they think that certain things are easier to do than other things. [But] the same principles apply everywhere in the body", is so childish and silly as to be embarrassing. He might as well say that if you can wiggle your index finger, you can fly around the room like Peter Pan. Also, the implication is that it is your fault for not thinking happy thoughts or believing enough in Prana/Ayurveda/Chi/vibrating energy, if you do grow old or get sick, or die.

And if it's so easy to stop ageing, why is he getting older? Right, HE chooses to. Blow me, Douchepak.

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