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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dyslexic Religious Superheros Untie for Dog!

I love fighting. Love it. Mixed martial arts fighting (MMA), to be precise. Watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tonight however, I was struck by how many fighters love Jebus. Four, by my count including Matt Hughes, the welterweight champion who decisively won the main event over Hall of Fame Member Royce Gracie.

Is there something in athletes' minds that doesn't allow them to take credit for working hard? Sport psychology would do well to look into that phenomenon. If you work hard enough to achieve a goal, you should take credit for it rather than doling out undue praise to some supposedly "loving" character who would (I assume) never condone such an act as attempting to punch the face off another human.

These guys are in incredible shape. They look like superheros (one of the Wayans brothers actually said that Matt Hughes looked like Juggernaut without his helmet); speaking of which, check this out. Also look at the link at the bottom about the religious affiliations of a multitude of superheros - the only notable atheist (who the fuck has ever heard of "Mr. Terrific"?) is Mystique from the X-Men. Sure, you could make a case for Batman as well, but still.

I'm just waiting for the day, and I hope it'll come soon, when at either some major sporting event or Acadamy Award presentation an honoree will take the prize and say into the microphone those words I've written before: "First of all, before we get to this, I have to thank Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and all the other scientists who have worked and still work tirelessly to provide us with literally everything we need and take for granted."

That will be a great day.
(hat tip to Melissa for the link to the superhero story - you rock!)

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At 30/5/06 1:54 pm, Blogger Tyciol said...

I'm a big fan of Mr Terrific! Batman definately (he makes himself god, or the devil, on crime...). Mr. Terrific was one of the original Justice Society, and was redone lately to be more sci-fi. Originally, he was a jack of all trades, and a master of all. He performed pretty much every skill, combined them well, and with great gusto.

I bet you Spider-Man, the Hulk, Reed Richards and Doc Doom are atheists :) They're too smart otherwise, same with Supes, Magneto...


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