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Monday, May 15, 2006

I See a Dumb Priest and I Want to Paint Him Black

My oh my, but the Catholic Church is painting itself into a corner these days, isn't it? Lay down and let "DaVinci Code Mania" roll over you with all its blathering about secret societies and dark caverns and self-flagellating albino monks, or speak up and tell people not to see the movie and come across as secretive and possibly promote just the attitude that Dan Brown says the Vatican has in his book? What to do, what to do?

Well, Cardinal Paul Poupard from said Vatican has an idea. Funnily enough, "...he had no objection to people seeing the film if they understand it is fiction, but many would watch this 'nonsense' and think that it was true." Poupie, I could say the same about your little religion. I have no problem with people going to church and saying their little prayers, as long as they realize that it's not based in reality, but many people seem to think that your nonsense is factual and has real-world consequences.

The kettle's black, the pot's black, the whole fuckin' kitchen's black. Poupie also was quoted as saying, "(T)his is a shocking and worrying cultural phenomenon that reflects, on the one hand, the ignorance of millions of people and, on the other, the voluptuous pleasure the media take in promoting products that have nothing to do with the truth...". It is like he's writing for The Simpsons and is fully aware of the layers of meaning in what he's saying, only he's not.

I would say the same thing about going to church as Poupie says about DaVinci: "If it is clear this has nothing to do with truth and it amuses you to go see it, why not?"

Do these guys even get a year of university literature courses? Not one course on irony or its uses and meaning? No? Obviously not, I guess. Ah well, enjoy your skewering and I'll send you my box office receipt.

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At 15/5/06 6:52 pm, Blogger Ralph said...

Mike, I suppose there are a few of them that realize the corner they've painted themselves into. Too few I'm afraid. Of course the way to debunk the Da Vinci code is with the use of facts and logic and we know that their teachings would never stand up to that same test. My daughter was having a debate about god's existance. Her opponents final words were " If you can't see god all around you then you just aren't using your imagination." They make your point for you and don't even realize it.

At 15/5/06 7:37 pm, Anonymous Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Mike,

All ancient religious, mystical and wisdom texts have been shrouded in mystery for millennia for one primary reason: The ability to understand their widely evidenced symbology was lost in antiquity. How do we finally solve these ages-old mysteries? To recast an often-used political adage: It’s [the] symbology, stupid!

It's amazing the Vatican stills tries to insist the Gospels are the literal truth. It is beyond obvious they are replete with ancient Hebrew symbology. Every miracle purported for Jesus has multiple direct symbolic parrallels in the Old Testament, Apocalypse, and other symbolic narratives and traditions.

Likewise, the following Washington Post article demonstrates how many changes and embellishments were been made to these texts over the centuries, unequivocally demonstrating they are neither original, infallible, or truthful. What then is the purpose of "faith" but to keep good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?

It's no wonder the Vatican fears the truth more than anything else. Now comes justice, hot on its heels... (symbolism...)

The Book of Bart

At 15/5/06 7:48 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

haha..."using your imagination". That's classic. They really do make it too easy, eh?


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