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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home...

I know this guy. He's pretty important. He has a group of people who follow him around and occasionally they have to write about him. In order to effectively write about him, they have to talk to him, thus ensuring that they do not make false assumptions about his ideas and actions. Important Guy (IG) is responsible for a lot of people and the Question Askers (QA) represent those folks.

Sometimes IG does things that seem, well, let's use the phrase "not aligned with the best interests of the people". The QAs then have to sort out what's going on and let the people know either, "Yes, you have cause for concern", or, "No, your fears are unfounded, go on about your business." At times, the QAs can ask some pretty tough questions. At those time, IG can seem a bit on edge. IG does not like answering tough questions.

Presently, IG is doing something new. He wants the QAs to be on a list controlled by his assistant - the QAs said they would line up in an orderly fashion at a microphone to do their job. After all, all of the QAs have to write and all of them have questions. IG did not budge on his request. So the QAs did something - they walked out on IG in the middle of a news conference. It was a bold statement.

IG did not like that one bit. He said that the QAs were "biased" against him. He said he would just go "on the road" and let local QAs ask questions instead of the usual gang (What IG meant was that the "local" QAs would be sufficiently in awe of him that they would not be "impolite" and ask tough questions).

Keeping "on message" (whatever the hell that means) is apparently important in politics, and to Stephen Harper and his staff. He would do well to remember who put the "I" in front of "Guy" - we, the people (although I didn't vote for his smarmy ass). If we have questions regarding what he is doing and how he is doing it, there better be answers. With any luck, the local journalists caught wind of Harper's "they'll be nicer to me" jab and will skewer him at the nearest opportunity.

Long live the Question Askers.

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At 25/5/06 1:36 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

I almost wrote about that story this morning. The funniest thing is Harper's contention that the media were nicer to the Liberals. You know, the guys whose government they toppled.

At 25/5/06 1:53 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

How funny is that, eh? Media breaks the Sponsorship Scandal, Gomery with Big Jean C, but a couple questions and "Oh, they're so mean to me!" from Harp.

It's like he's adopting the Christian Right's persecution complex from the U.S.

At 25/5/06 7:55 pm, Anonymous Melissa said...

Before the election, one of the networks did a story on the Harper campaign, as it was on the upswing. It was incredible to see then how completely restricted their access was to Harper, how questions were controlled, all (presumably) to prevent him or anyone else from falling off script. I think they were afraid his popularity would make him think that the Canadian people actually wanted to hear him talk about abortion, changing the legality of same-sex marriages, and all kinds of other Dubya-esque policies.


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