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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Numerology: Thirty Seven and Ten Thousand

Two quick things - the new Skeptic's Circle is up over at Autism Diva. It's number 37 (Dante from Clerks says: "Thirty seven!?" haha) and it looks great.

Secondly my counter just rolled over 10,000 and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who stops by to check out my (recently slagging) postings. I have an idea for a book that I've been working on plus I'm trying to get my upcoming skeptic's circle post in shape for July 20, so my ranting and squealing like a piggy has been a tad slow of late.

P.S. I just came to my senses and realized the implication that "squealing like a piggy" has; that is, that some readers may think I have been raped in the woods over a log by a hillbilly. Thankfully no, and condolences to anyone who has experienced that horrible fate (that's for you, Ned).

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