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Thursday, June 01, 2006

That's Not a Knife....

Tool - a: a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task; b: the cutting or shaping part in a machine or machine tool; c: a means to an end (a book's cover can be a marketing tool); d: a stupid, useless person.

I refer you to the recent post by wonderboy Jake Brewer at the Huffington Post. I should make it clear up front that Mr. Brewer seems to be sincere in his admirable achievements and additionally seems to have a smart head on his shoulders. My only questions come from his interpretation of Bishop Desmond Tutu's statement, "...but religion is like a knife because though a knife can be used to stab a man in the stomach, a knife can also be used to cut bread and feed the hungry..." I'm sure they're talking about a plastic-ish KFC type knife and not a Crocodile Dundee sort, but whatever.

Brewer states in his piece, "From the wheel to the microprocessor, tools are inherently neither good nor bad". I would not disagree with him in principle, but even he would admit that there are "tools" that are designed with "bad" purposes built into them. Guns come to mind, as do the differences between the above mentioned KFC plastic knife and a "Rambo" knife. Seriously, the compass on the butt was crap and would definitely get you lost, plus what the hell use is a toothpick? I've got an eight inch blade on the other end to either pick my teeth or to carve a stick down to a suitable size.

Mr. Brewer also wonders, "...might it not be time to bring the right leaders together and at least try using the power of faith and religion to cut bread and feed those who need it most?" A nice analogy to be sure. The trouble is that it is the nonsensical ideas in the minds of high-ups in World Religions that does not allow them to converse rationally and solve problems. Talks about feeding poor people and halting wars usually either completely fall apart, or they all end up finding "middle ground" because they all hate gay people so fucking much.

"Religion" as it is used in Brewer's article is inherently bad. That's not to say that there aren't potentially good traits within it, but at base level we must see that religion is convincing people of the veracity of completely irrational and non-sensical ideas. In doing so, you are doing both them and their surrounding peoples harm by ideally making them reliant on the Invisible Man and subject to the rules of those "close to God".

A knife can be used to cut bread so the poor can eat, that's true - but you can cut bread with many other things. All the good that comes from religions can be attained through alternate means without the brain-clouding hogwash of irrationality and subjugation to authority (that is, following the tools as defined above, part d).

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