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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vatican Ass-tronomer Seems Like Almost a Nice Guy

Well "anonymous" was kind enough to point me to this article about the Vatican's astronomer, "Brother" Consolmagno, and his opinions on creationism. He seems to think that creationism is a sort of "superstitious paganism" that devolves us back to earlier times when "nature gods" ruled the Earth.

He said that religion needs science to "keep close to reality", but science needs religion "to have a conscience." Now, "Brother" Consolmagno seems to be a normal, mostly rational fella. The bottom line, however, is that he works for the Vatican and recognizes that the Pope is "the Boss, the final authority." That puts quite a lot of badness in his hands, regardless of how reasonable he sounds.

See, science does need a conscience, but it doesn't need religion to provide one. This is another false image given by a religious figure to make sure his organization doesn't lose relevance. The good things in religion (any religion), and there certainly are some, can be aquired from any number of sources - a lot of which do not require you to believe in some tempermental, absentee soul-lord who will bitch-slap you for using "bad" words.

"Bro" Consolmagno sounds like a good guy, just deluded. That's the problem with faith and religious belief; it takes what would be a great scientist and twists his mind so he has to say stupid crap like "don't use condoms" because of their "immorality". Smart enough to do complicated math, yet brainwashed enough to not question the rampant destruction of a continent's people because of archaic "moral" laws. B-B-B-Benny is the Boss....

*sigh* It's sad to see what would be a great mind so clouded by the haze of faith.

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