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Sunday, June 11, 2006

While the Cat's Away, the Commenters Get Attitide

Geez, can't a guy have a bit of a holiday without getting told off?

I went to a buddy's bachelor party at a cottage this past weekend and had a great time, thanks for asking. Beers, golf, poker, was fantastic. Then I get home and see that some guy named Andrew called me "juvenile" for wanting al-Zarquawi dead. He thinks I should grow up and watch fewer movies. Thanks Andy, I'll keep that in mind next time I want the opinion of some little chucklehead about how I should write. He is dealt with in the comments section of my post below.

Then in response to my piece on Al Gore's movie where I mentioned Dale Earnhardt's death, "Anonymous" (if that is your real name) was a bit snippy when he decided to call me to task for questioning experts and brought up Dr. Steve Bohannon's testimony at NASCAR's press-conference. He's a doctor who didn't think Earnhardt's injury was caused by "head whip" (which the HANS device is designed to protect against), but from a broken seatbelt and a chin impact on the steering wheel. Anonymous even used the cocky conversation-ender "QED".

Our bud Anonymous, however, failed to mention that Bohnannon was paid by NASCAR. How is that an impartial opinion?

I especially like the quote from that piece where it says, "After reviewing the medical examiner's report, Dr. Barry Myers concluded that the basilar skull fracture that killed Earnhardt and caused the chin injury happened as a result of head whipping, instead of an impact with the steering column, as NASCAR physician Bohannan suggested."

Oh, and Bohannon did say what Anonymous quoted in my comments, but he left out the next line where the doctor said,"He had blood in his airway. He had blood in the ears that we see with basilar skull fractures. But really no other external evidence of trauma. So yeah, maybe the HANS wouldn't have helped, but he suffered the exact injury that is expected from this sort of accident. Hm.

I said people should trust experts after they prove themselves. That's really the key part. In this article (scroll down) Dr. John Melvin, a Detroit-based biomechanical engineer and crash expert, said about Bohannon's opinion, "Bohannon was not very qualified to make such a statement.

"Doctors don't understand how injuries occur quite often...They know how to treat them, but they don't really get schooled in how they occur.

"That's my field - biomechanics of energy - and it happens to be Dr. Myers' field. He's an M.D., but he's also an engineer who has studied these things. It's a very specialized field that basically isn't taught to doctors in medical school."

Dr. Bohannon was pretty far from being an "expert" and was shown to be lacking by people with the pertinent qualifications. Thanks to Dr. Myers and others like him, NASCAR might be a little bit safer for all drivers, which was the point of getting access to the autopsy photographs in the first place.

I believe the QED is back in my court.

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