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Monday, July 10, 2006

Douchepak Chumpra Strikes Again

Right off the bat in his article at The Huffington Post I have to correct Chumpra: "A few weeks age (sic - I assume he means "ago") the second richest man in the world, Warren Buffet, donated three-quarters of his wealth to the richest man in the world, Bill Gates." No, Douchepak, Buffett gave it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It's a charitable organization, not a guy.

I find it difficult to take Douchepak seriously when he says stupid shit like this:

"...massive gifts of this kind (Buffett's) have a backlash. They tend to discourage us smaller donors, whose contributions look like a pittance by comparison." Sorry? "Us smaller donors"? Don't you have millions of dollars from selling, among other fine products, a "toxin scraping tongue cleaner"? Didn't you give up a career as a real doctor so you could make your dough writing woo woo books that fool ignorant people into believeing they can reverse aging?

And why would a self-confident person like you worry about how anyone interprets your charitable donation? Keeping up with the Singhs, eh?

How about this cherry of a quote from the same piece:

" the massive problems of global hunger, disease, and poverty that it (the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) focuses has to ask if money is really the key here." Exactly. Keep your money. Don't give to them. Those billionaires don't need any more money and it won't help educate South African youth, support community development, or reduce cervical cancer incidents or deaths in developing countries anyway.

Might as well buy an invigorating aroma candle to balance your kapha, whatever the fuck that means. Then maybe we'll all join consciousness and increase our vibrations to the next level activating the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon so everyone will share a common universal memory of oneness, spirituality, and lovingsquishytenderness.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a fantastic charity and Warren Buffett's gift was an amazing gesture of his intention to do his small part to help the world. Deepak Chopra is an opportunistic asshole who gave up real medicine because it was too hard on him to tell people bad news. Now he sells bath oils, tongue cleaners, and false hope. Who would you like your money to go to? To borrow a line from Mr. White of Resevoir Dogs, "Ain't no choice at all."

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At 10/7/06 10:54 pm, Anonymous modusoperandi said...

After reading your blog for, lo, these many month, I'm guessing that you find writing it to be cathartic.
I'm the same way with Uncylopedia -
*...people torching cities over danish cartoons? Boom!..."Freedom of speech"
*...finding more crap that people don't need and shouldn't buy? Boom!..."Pointless inventions"
*...being irritated about the rapture that's apparently just around the corner? Boom!...a pic of "left behind" with the left half of a woman's behind taking the place of the grotesque art that would normally go there
*...not being mad at anything at all? Boom!..."Canada"

It's much more relaxing than watching TV. Damnit
*...Fat man/Hot wife sitcom on TV? Boom! "Pointless hollywood"

Ahhh, I feel better now.

I think that we all need a blow-off valve. Ours don't hurt anybody. At least, not until we grab power! Moo ha-ha! Cough, cough.

Oh, and don't ever stop taking your meds: we...we love you, man. In a world gone mad you are mad, but in a different way..and good luck with that.

ps: I'm still waiting for my cafepress shirt to arrive. It's like waiting for xmas, but this time I am actually looking forward to getting clothes. I got a "free Xenu" hoodie from them ages ago and because of it, a couple of times I've had the pleasure of explaining just how dangerous scientology really is.

At 10/7/06 11:55 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Thanks, bro. And I'll keep my meds safely within reach. The blog is certainly cathartic - it's nice to have a small space to voice my (usually) pain. It is quite satisfying to know that people like you are out there partaking of the insanity.

"Free Xenu" hoodie...that's fantastic. I'm going to right now to look for that.

At 22/7/06 9:59 pm, Anonymous modusoperandi said...

My t-shirt arrived. Hurrah!


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