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Monday, July 03, 2006

Roots of Religious Repression for Women?

I'm thinking over the weekend and I come to a conclusion. Religion hates abortion - we know this. Why do they hate abortion? Because it kills "children". It's "murder". Jebus or the Lord loves everyone, especially the unborn who apparently can't defend themselves, the pussies. Religion also hates stem cell research that could provide some answers to the questions of diseases that have baffled medicine for years. This is seemingly because the stem cells come from embryos that won't live - extra embryos from in-vitro fertilizations and such. Churchy Charlies and Jane Pews think that once sperm meets ovum, that's a life, smacky! Touch it and die.

Masturbation is a sin because, as Monty Python said so eloquently, "every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great...if a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate". The Catholic Church considers masturbation a "grave moral disorder" which, if done with the knowledge that it is a "sin" along with the intent to do it regardless, will send you directly to fucking HELL! Might as well hang a "touch it and die" sign on your schmeckle. A tattoo might be a better option for these modern times.

So religion hates anything that wastes a potential life. I think this is why religion is so male-dominated and repressive towards females. Follow my logic here:

Men release approximately 200 - 500 million sperm per ejaculation. Women release one egg per month. Every one of those sperm represent half of one life, according to church logic. So men are full of potential and are willing/able to populate a planet of the Earth's size in just over 12 cumshots. But no, we are stimied by the stinginess of the female reproduction system. Like an over-concerned parent telling their child they can only have half of their peanut-buster parfait and must save the other half for tomorrow because it's too much and too sweet and you'll get fat if you keep putting that stuff in your mouth, Michael!

Sorry, got carried away there.

Back to the point. The church doesn't like women because they naturally resist the reproduction drive. Every sperm can make a kid and is "half a life", but those pesky women are holding us back. So what to the Charlie Churches do? They hold women back - no voting for you. Clean the house and don't you even think about working. Do it barefoot, too, bitch. Want to be a priest? Fuck you. Do what I tell you, but don't think you can do what I do.

In the crossed eyes of religious fucknozzles, women are a living monument to slow progress. Personally, there've been a few women in high school and university that I'm quite happy were willing to hold back on that egg delivery for a couple days or hours. Back then I could barely keep my shoes tied, let alone make sure a kid got fed.

So that's why I think religion represses women. Well, at least part of the reason. Thoughts?

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At 4/7/06 7:39 pm, Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

Religions hold women back because they were created by men to worship the male creator.

From : God And Abortion

Personally, I think that sometime in human evolution, and understanding, males recognised the connection between the deposition of seminal fluid in the female and a resultant pregnancy.

From that moment on, (in their minds), they became the creators of life. The all powerful ones who deposit seed. And having no or little scientific knowledge about females making eggs, the males took credit as being primarily responsible for the creation of life.

This is also, I suggest, why the god concepts from then on became primarily male. They became the primary King Kongs of the human religious kingdoms. Gods in their own minds. Gods because of their penises. (ROFL)

It also explains why men continue to worship at the altar of their own penis. And why they have religious rituals associated with their penis. (Think judaism/islam and christianity and the religious rituals associated with male circumcision.) Quite an extreme way to join a cult.

But if you want to be the "ultimate boys' club", set up mainly to support a male hierarchy; you make the joining ritual something only males can do.

And if your male dominated religion supports female circumcision, you make it a ritual which manipulates who, when and how those females can breed. Thus ensuring the concept of inheritance and lineage along male genetic lines.

At 4/7/06 8:01 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Or the male identity given to the natural world dwellers (the Sun) that ancient Egyptians - and subsequently all other religions - worshipped.

Cock worship came later, I think. After the Sun thing, but before the "women can't vote" thing.


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