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Monday, August 28, 2006

Archbitch of Canterbury Tows the Line

Well lookie here, the Archbishop of Canturbury has said that gays have to change their ass-loving ways if they want to get into the church. Set your phasers to "I'm going to die of not-surprise" and shoot me in the face, 'cause that's not a revelation in any capacity.

The only thing that is mildly different in this case is that the aforementioned Archbishop used to be fairly liberal-minded about this sort of thing. Now he's back-stepping a bit and towing the party line. I'll never cease to be amazed that people seem to be taken aback when religious people say ignorant shit about others.

I love the irony that no one on the planet is supposed to slag the church (any church), but they can slag whoever the fuck they want and say other folks are bad, horrible people who are driven by the "devil" to do evil deeds and that's perfectly fine.

Personally, I think gay people who have to be religious (and I don't think anyone has to be religious) should tell churches to go fuck themselves and they should start their own religion. Hell, it worked for L.Ron. Just make up some dip-shitty story about lip-glossed visions on mountains to the strains of Donna Summers or Cher and off you go! It's not like there'll be less proof for your religion than for the Church of England or Catholicism or anything. Hey, if fuckin' Scientology can gain religious status, anything can.

Again, personally I think everyone should tell all religions to go pound sand. They'll shrivel up and die a slow, painful death and we'll all be better off in the end. But being a realist, I know that that will not happen for a long time, and probably the belief in sky-daddies will be the end of our species (and probably the planet) over the next thousand years or so.

That being said, I think that everyone who finds this douchebags email address should send him a quick note with this picture attached:
Christina Aguilera finger
I'm sure he'll love it - probably not as much as if it were a picture of a 10 year-old boy, but still, it's the thought that counts. You may also want to include a "keep your stupid fucking religion out of our lives" comment along with this picture:
No Thumpers
Shit, that'd make my whole day.

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At 28/8/06 1:33 pm, Anonymous Babbler said...

I think the gays do have their own churches, like the Metropolitan Church in Vancouver

At 28/8/06 4:56 pm, Anonymous say no to christ said...

Unfortunately there are a lot of gay christians. I cant for the life of me figure out why any gay people would want to be apart of an organization that viciously spews hate towards them or believe in a book that says they should be put to death.

BTW, nice blog.:)

At 28/8/06 5:12 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Thank you kindly! Nice of you to visit :)

At 29/8/06 3:31 am, Blogger Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Yes, in fact there3 are several 'gay churches' the first of which was the "Metropolitan Community Church" which is surprisingly theologically conservative in other areas. (Actually not so surprisingly since its founder, Rev. Troy Perry, was a student of Billy Graham's. I heard him on the radio once, at a gay march being broadcast over WBAI, and his preaching style and voice is so similar you would have thought it WAS Graham if you went by sound and not content.

As for the Archbishop, he has a major problem. He IS relatively liberal on gays, from all I've read, as are most American Anglicans (Episcopalians) and almost all English ones. But perhaps the largest group of Anglicans are the Africans, who are VERY conservative on such matters, and they have linked with a number of American conservatives, and he is trying desperately to keep the church from splitting.

As for why gays want to be Christians, it is simply because they honestly believe in their religion, even though they think it is wrong in this matter. We both think they are wrong, but they have a right to be wrong, it's one of the fundamental freedoms. And for believers, faith isn't a matter of choosing what is convenient.

Again, I'm an atheist, but a tolerant one, at least towards a person's individual beliefs if they don't try imposing them on others.

At 2/9/06 8:43 am, Anonymous Sean Kehoe said...

Jim, nice summing up of the situation the Anglican Church faces. I suspect as long as the money keeps flowing, somehow the church will manage to hold together.

The danger though is that since the conservatives of Africa are finding like-minded friends in the US, the Church of England will become increasingly irrelevant unless the Archbishop adopts a harsher line on gays and witches.


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