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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Browne Leaves A Skidmark Of Shame

Goddamn I hate Sylvia Browne. I just had to put this up on my site after seeing it at the always great Two Percent Co. Sylvia Browne is such a horrendous douchebag - see, the woman says "my boyfriend was never found" and Browne's cold reading "skills" go immediately to water. Bodies lost in water are rarely found, good choice. Problem comes with the way the dude actually died...

I understand that people will always need to believe in psychics and other stupid shit, that's fine. Just, if you're going to believe in that crap, believe in someone who is GOOD AT IT. I'd give the nod to Max Mavin; he's amazing, looks the part, and won't steal your hard-earned money.

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At 29/8/06 6:05 pm, Anonymous Shishberg said...

Yeesh. What a vile person.

Sort of reminds me of the cancelled John Edwards 9/11 special.

At 30/8/06 1:38 pm, Anonymous tnskeptic said...

Calling Sylvia Brown a douchebag is to do a disservice to real douchebags that actually do have a pourpose and serve a useful function to human kind.

At 30/8/06 9:16 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

tnskeptic, you're right. I formally apologize to all douchebags. Thanks.

At 31/8/06 10:27 am, Anonymous Sean Kehoe said...

The amusing thing is seeing how Montel helps her cover up an obviously unlucky guess. In another dimension, the two of them are going house to house trying to hawk pyramid schemes and elixirs of immortality to the elderly and inform.

Brown is absolute scum of the earth who'd only attend a funeral if she thought there was a chance she could lean over the casket and suck the gold fillings out of the cadaver.

At 7/9/06 10:06 am, Blogger Bronze Dog said...

Nearly related: You may find this entertaining. It's long, though.

Unfortunately, there probably won't be one on yesterday's episode: My DVR messed up.


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