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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pardon Me... Would You Happen to Have Some Grey Poupon? No, But I've Got a 38DD.

Let me be frank: I love breasts. I really do. They're fabulous. Basically, you've never seen them all - there's always differences that make every woman unique. Oddly enough, asses work for me as well.

Ok, apart from that, however, breast feeding is quite different. Coming as I do from a health field, I think breast feeding is natural and is why women have breasts in the first place. Yes, they attract donkeys like me but really, they're for keeping the little folks happy in the belly.

I was reading the paper (the National Post, Monday July 31st) the other day and there was a piece about a magazine called Babytalk that ran a feature article called Why Women Don't Nurse Longer. You can see the picture from the cover below.
Babytalk cover
So is this picture "offensive"? It seems that to some who wrote the magazine, it is "gross" and "disgusting". The quotes from the paper said things like, "I was shocked to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine", and "Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob."

Not to sound callous to these commenters, whoever they are, but go fuck yourselves. What sort of pictures do you think you're going to see in a magazine about babies with a feature on breast-feeding? Do you bitch at Field and Stream when they have a fucking deer on the cover?

How fucked are we as a species, especially in North America, when we think something natural like breast-feeding is "gross", yet someone like Pam Anderson is considered "hot" by most men and women? It's sad when unnatural, firm, fatty protrusions (like Pam Anderson's head...oh, and her tits) are more accepted in society than a baby getting its food from the intended source.

Fortunately, groups of (hilariously appropriately named) "lactivists" are taking control of the situation and holding public feeding sit-ins to raise awareness. It's hard to believe that some women need to be educated about the reasons and health benefits of breast-feeding. I can see men needing a tune-up, but maybe that's just my personal bias. Like I said, me loves the boobies. Oh, and the piece in the paper was accompanied by this picture:
Baby Feed
See, I'm a fan of that. A baby having some lunch (or dinner...whatever). I am for some reason reminded of a Hawksley Workman song:
I'm jealous of your cigarette
And all the things you do with it
I'm jealous of your cigarette
And how you wanna suck on it
And not me
All this time your talking noooo...

Can a man be jealous of a baby getting my desired anatomical parts most of the time? Of course I can.

I'll end this by reiterating that I'm a fan of breasts. I'm a huge supporter of a woman's right to breast-feed wherever the hell she wants (and no, not so I can stare like a creepy weirdo...I'll be too busy arguing with a religious douchebag to notice a kid-covered boob). People who are for whatever reason against the practice of breast-feeding need to re-evaluate what is natural and important in life.

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At 1/8/06 10:56 pm, Anonymous teakel said...

The cover of the magazine is actually a lovely picture, in my opinion- very tasteful and sweet. The bub is looking up at his(or her -can't tell!) mum with such a happy expression- awwww...

At 1/8/06 11:25 pm, Anonymous ATM said...

A guy walks into a restaurant and sees a woman breastfeeding. The waitress asks him, "What can I get ya'?" He points at the baby and replies, "I'll have what he's having!"

Seriously though, women should be allowed to nurse wherever they want. Breasts are perfectly natural organs used for that perfectly natural purpose. Anyone who says different is perverting our biology.

At 2/8/06 12:38 am, Anonymous Scenedesmeriffic said...

I love that picture!!! The way that baby is looking so adoringly up at his mother is just enchanting.


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