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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Double Tap


While watching my morning news here in online-land, I happened upon Ben Stein commenting on Mel Gibson's recent drunken meltdown. After the obligatory, "of course he's an anti-semite" and, "Oh god, yes, he'll work in this town again", he said this about Gibson's alcohol recovery:
If he's in AA long enough, God will come into his heart and change it

Really? Mel Gibson needs more religion? I never thought I'd see the day when a Jew would say that someone needs more Allah in their life. Oh...wait, sorry, more Mithra in their life. No? More Vishnu? Buddha? Not really a god, true. Amaterasu? Everyone needs more of her! No? Dammit...I never know which god they're talking about.

Why, whenever someone does or says something stupid, is the answer always MORE religion? How come no one ever steps up to say, "Mel Gibson needs to let go of his little superiority complex that his religion has inflicted upon him and start taking responsibility for his life"?

How can a guy who is rich and famous (and a former Sexiest Man Alive: 1985) be suicidal and depressed? Well like AA will tell him - he's powerless. Weak. Give your worthless soul to God and all will be right. AA is the fast-track to getting folks right where religion (in this case, Christianity) wants them: submissive.

Does AA help people? Of course it does. Does it help more people than not going to AA? Doubtful. The numbers show that of the people who attend a meeting, 9 out of 10 drop out within the first year. (

Stein also seems to imply that Hollywood (and everywhere) would be better under the control of the 10 Commandments. As I remember, the first three of the most commonly known 10 are:
(a) I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any gods before me;
(b) Do not make a sculpted image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above;
(c) Thou shalt not swear falsely by the name of the LORD (from Wikipedia)

So basically these first three are just intimidating language to scare primitive people into believing in the Big Spooky Man in the Sky. Why would anyone not of the Christian delusion look at the first three "commandments" and believe them when all they say is, "I'm bad, I'm the only one, don't carve a statue of me." Seems like God is a lot like Sean Penn in the 80's.

So why is more religion the answer? Hating Jews (or anyone else) is a symptom of being religious (Christian/Muslim). It seems like adding gas to a bonfire to me. By Stein's "logic", Hutton Gibson also needs more religion.

Do these people need Judaism? Why is that the correct path? Hell, as I write this , Israel is bombing the fuck out of Lebanon. And don't give me that horseshit about Israel having the "right to protect itself". When that sniper asshole was running around Washington a few years ago blowing people's heads off, no one suggested carpet bombing the state to "protect the citizens".

Back on topic: Mel Gibson needs WAY LESS religion. So does Ben Stein and pretty much everyone else - especially that retarded Elizabeth chick on The View. Boy is SHE annoying in her sanctimonious little pro-life way (like Bill Hicks said, "If you're pro-life, what does that make me?"). Take responsibility for your own life and no one else's, realize that your opinions and beliefs are just that - yours and yours alone, and most importantly: shut the fuck up.


How funny is this article?! "Oh my god! It's a miracle! The water started to flow! The statue is a miracle and it's going to be....what? Really? It's a pipe installed by the city? Oh.... Well, I guess we'll go grab a beer."

I guess JP2 wasn't such a badass after all. None of that "coming back from the dead" shit for him. I think it truly is beer o'clock.

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At 4/8/06 9:27 am, Blogger Bronze Dog said...

Really? Mel Gibson needs more religion? I never thought I'd see the day when a Jew would say that someone needs more Allah in their life. Oh...wait, sorry, more Mithra in their life. No? More Vishnu? Buddha? Not really a god, true. Amaterasu? Everyone needs more of her! No? Dammit...I never know which god they're talking about.

Don't be silly with all of those false deities. He needs more of His Noodliness in his life.

At 4/8/06 12:23 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...


Does it get better than His Noodliness and pirate attire? I think not.

At 4/8/06 3:19 pm, Anonymous ATM said...

Does it get better than His Noddliness? What about Goat on a Pole? What about Jon Stewart is God?

At 4/8/06 4:27 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

I really think those Jon Stewart is God people are just trying to get on TV. I am not familiar with Goat on a Pole, but I'm going to check it out right now!

At 11/8/06 6:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an admitted, recovering alcoholic AND atheist, I can tell you there are alternatives to AA (though I do attend their meetings...I'm more interested in people's stories than 'the steps'); I'm very impressed with Rational Recovery; It makes a hell of a lot more sense to someone of a more scientific, rational mindset like me. So while publically I attend AA, the real guide for my recovery has been, privately, RR. I also am investigating SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety), and there are several good articles in the most recent issue of _Free Inquiry_ about this group and their secular alternative to AA. One SOS proponent in the latest _FI_ issue called AA a "religion in denial". From what I've seen of it up close, that's pretty on-target. Yes, AA officially says surrender to "God as you understand him/it", but most people in AA understand that to mean the traditional Xtian AA group finishes each meeting with the Lord's Prayer. Irks the shit out of me, but I tolerate it. AA's unspoken premise is that atheist/agnostic alcoholics are basically boned; I do not subscribe to this view. It's akin to the wider Xtian view that "you have to have Gawd to be moral"; Um, no, you don't, and I've met atheists who have lived up to so-called "Xtian" ideals like kindness, charity, generosity, etc, a lot better than self-professed Xtians.

Back to alcoholism, RR explains addiction in a readily understandible and scientific way, and gives you the proper tools to think correctly about 1) the physiological nature of your addiction and 2) how to overcome it.
AA chooses mystification, obfuscation, and a flawed "disease" model of addiction. AA makes some valid minor points, and for simple minded people, their whole program may work well and save some lives, but it will never do for anyone, say, with at least 1 Master's degree or more and higher levels of education. My AA group are a nice bunch of people, and I guess they could've been a lot worse (I've heard some horror stories myself), and when they just speak plainly, they are at their best, but when they start bringing up all the gawd talk I just look down at my feet and tune out. I attend mainly because my family won't believe I'm serious about staying sober unless I do this kind of public penance, but RR & SOS are my preferred alternative routes to staying sober and in control of my life. They're what's *really* working for me--in no small measure because they do NOT say that I'm powerless. I'm only powerless if I start drinking again; RR teaches you best how to discipline the mind so that doesn't happen.

Regarding Mel, the last good Mel Gibson movie was either Mad Max I-II or one of the Lethal Weapon movies...I sorta liked _Braveheart_ but _Rob Roy_ was a much better kilted swordsman movie, in my humble opinion (I've got Scottish roots, what can I say). Yeah, I watched _The Passion_ because my then wife wanted caused her to revert back to the fundie ways of her youth, and for me to divorce her crazy ass. The divorce was all the more bitter with all the theological "turn or burn" rhetoric tossed in on top of the expected bitterness from a failed marriage. Anyway, love this blog, keep up the good work.

--sobering alcoholic in Texas who is still an unwavering atheist.


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