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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Say It! It's "Canada's New Government"!! SAY IT!

Oh Stephen Harper, when will you become normal? Do you seriously believe that you are anything more than a blip in the country's history? You have been "handled" by G.W. Bush into being called "Steve" on the national stage - how does that make you feel? Sort of like you have to try to "handle" the people of Canada? Maybe you need to rename the Government of Canada?

A recent email from the PMO's strategic policy branch said: "As per the minister's office, effective immediately, and until further notice, the words 'Canada's New Government' are to be used instead of 'the Government of Canada' in all departmental correspondence..." Well "yee haw!", motherfucker, why not just go all the way and say "Canada's New Uncomfortable Cowboy Government"?
Harper Cowboy
You know, renaming the Government of Canada to suit your whims and pleasures won't make it run any smoother or make the Canadian people trust you any more. By avoiding the media (the five-month long boycott of you is on a month-long hiatus as of tomorrow, but you won't be scrambling to answer any questions, will you?) and effectively hiding from the people who elected you, you will alienate more and more of the folks who supported you.

As for the people who didn't vote for you (i.e. me), you NEED to talk to the media to explain what the fuck you are doing. Those of us who voted but not for you are the ones you have to try to swing and you are doing a shitty job so far, "Steve". We don't care if you're personable or even likeable, we just want to be assured that you aren't just saying stuff like, "the softwood dispute is solved, go to sleep" and then not doing shit about it.

Not talking to the media is irresponsible. They are asking the questions WE want answered. Being annoyingly controlling to them is annoying to me and is a lovely little window into your life. I'd hate to take your Starbucks order.

Take a look at this picture:
Start being straight with the electorate of Canada, stop changing the name of things without actually doing anything (which is like saying, "I know it's a piece of shit, but just call it a 'daisy'...that'll make everything better"), and talk to the press. If you don't, the above will be you looking back into Canadian history for a glimpse of your legacy...and seeing nothing but semantics.

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At 19/9/06 5:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a slight majority of counter revolutionary running dogs stand in the way of the Leader's glorious new vision! Crush the gang of four million!


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