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Monday, September 25, 2006

Your Logic is Impeccable, Captain. We are in Grave Danger

Surprise surprise. Canada is supposedly becoming a more Christian country. Fantastic.

You know, I remember going on a trip a few years ago to South Carolina to visit some friends. Nice place, pretty, but WAY too psycho Xtian for a heathen like me to live comfortably. I brought along my usual selection of witty/offensive t-shirts to wear - one of which was black and in small, white letters across the front said, "god hates you." I thought it was hilarious and it started a lot of interesting conversations.

Of course, when you're in the second notch of the Bible belt and hidden by the fatty overflow of the belly of deep fried Jebus Love, not too many people take that sort of thing lightly. Let's just say that when a group of us went to dinner and a movie, none of them wanted to stand near me or talk to me for fear of physical violence happening. I also noticed that when the ubiquitous counter-help of that lovely state took a gander at my garb, the service level went from A to D quite rapidly.

I really wanted to wear that particular shirt when the Pope (JP2) visited Toronto for World Youth Day as well, but as much as I enjoyed the irony of being stomped to death by a huge mass of Christian youths, a million to one was too great an outnumbering, even for me.

Now, however, in an article in the Globe & Mail, Canada is being described as becoming much more religious. Didn't we ditch that stuff to be more like Europe? You know, the "more educated" and "refined" countries? A very telling line from the piece talking about a Jebus vs. non Jebus poll says, "...(I)t suggests a growing divide in Canadian culture where religion can become a wedge that pushes people apart." Religion? A wedge to divide? No...I don't believe that for a second. Hogwash.

With respect to social activism and the churches, Charles H. McVety, president of Canada Christian College and the Canada Family Action Coalition (I'm going to die of not-surprise that his group has "family" in its name), is quoted as saying, "My hope and prayer is that more people get involved (in the political process), so no single interest group is overrunning the system...." I'm going to call bullshit here. That's exactly what you want - your group holding the reins and everyone doing the "right thing" and acting "properly."

Gwendolyn Landolt of the ironically named group, "Real Women Canada", was quoted as saying, "Same-sex marriage will never be accepted any more than abortion is. It will be a running open sore in the face of Canadian society." I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think Ms. Landolt doesn't share Mr. McVety's dubious opionion that a lot of people should get involved in the system to make it as broad as possible. I think Ms. Landolt wants everyone to be Xtian and follow the ridiculous ideals that her particular superstition espouses. You know, so we won't support a woman's right to choose what happens to her body, or the basic human right to be happy in a relationship - these things that are "running open sores." Bitch.

Another quote, one of my personal favorites, says, "If Canada's really a democracy, then for a democracy to function it has to have every voice heard, including Christians...The reality is that we're here and it's our nation as much as anyone else's." Right, so in a true democracy we're not free to NOT participate - your voice MUST be heard, hippie! And yes, Christians are here and their voice must be heard, fine. But their voice cannot be louder or more important than mine or anyone else's. If they think gay marriage or abortion is wrong, then the can take that opionion under advisement when THEY have to make a decision involving those topics in their lives.

And you know what? Sometimes what the majority wants is fucking retarded because the majority are delusional dipshits who think an invisible man in the sky wants a list in a book followed. Sometimes, there are rules that have to be made that protect everyone equally, regardless of what the majority feels. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is just such a set of rules, although I would fight to have the first line changed to something a little more sane:

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Can we change "God" to "Thor", please? I'd be much more comfortable with that. Yeah, you want to see Xtians freak the fuck out....

Whether or not our population is getting more religious is irrelevant with respect to our laws. By myself, with no other supporters or cohorts, my lifestyle and personal choices are as valid as anyone else's and there's nothing the Xtian right can do about that. If they don't like it, may their god strike me dead tonight by any means of his choosing.

Suprise, I'm still here and I just may perform an abortion today. You know, just to spite Jebus.

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At 26/9/06 12:38 pm, Blogger Bruce said...

No, say it ain't so! Canada is my place of refuge (I love Victoria and usually visit once a year) if it ever gets too bad down here and I can't take it anymore. Fortunately, here in the Northwest (Portland to be specific), we have one of the biggest heathen populations in the US and Portland is about as liberal as they get. But even my great state was duped by the religious right into passing a measure defining marriage as only between a man and a woman (not an overwhelming majority, but a majority nonetheless).

Whatever you do, take them seriously. They have one goal in mind, to turn your country into a Christian nation. They've already done a ton of damage down here and we may be paying for it for quite a while (unless the Supreme Court gets hit by a bus).

At 26/9/06 1:36 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

As serious as a heart attack.

At 26/9/06 10:17 pm, Anonymous ATM said...

Ah, crap. I've lived my whole life in one part of Canada or the other and I've only met four creationists in that time. I hope that population doesn't shoot up anytime soon.

At 27/9/06 5:36 pm, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...

Canad needs to annex the USA so that this kind of Bible Belt influence will stop spreading among otherwise good minded Canucks.

Fucking American Yankee hosers!

At 30/9/06 8:40 pm, Anonymous Sean Kehoe said...

I'm going to call bullshit here. That's exactly what you want - your group holding the reins and everyone doing the "right thing" and acting "properly."

Yep, I suspect he would not be so happy if the satanic lesbian demographic were to band together and form a serious voting bloc.

Blimey, I hope Canada is becoming more religious. I worry that the UK is going the same way but from what I see it's mainly certain people in government who seem to be foisting shit like faith-based schools on us.

That said, voter apathy will probably work in their favour. People who care about gods are more likely to group than those who consider gods to be a harmless security blanket.


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