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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Not-So-O...val Office

Oprah Winfrey has told a "superfan" that she will not be running for president. The really sad part is that if she decided to run, she'd probably win.

Might not be too bad especially if she put the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on her Book Club List (or at least stamped a giant "O" on them) and discussed them in front of an audience at the State of the Union.

The problem I see is that Oprah embodies that most painful of phrases, "spiritual, but not religious." Maybe she's religious, I don't know or care - but she certainly pumps the "spiritual" angle so as not to offend anyone and bring as many wishy-washy people into the circle as she can.

And there it is. She doesn't do confrontation, at least where it may offend. James Frey doesn't count because he was a dumbass and Oprah felt "duped" by his lies, so she called him on them. A few seasons ago when two women confronted Oprah during a "spiritual discussion" with a very strong, "Accepting Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve personal salvation" statement, Winfrey gave an extremely weak rebuttal and then said, "I can't talk about this right now." Can't offend those hundreds of thousands of Xtian viewers, right OW? That's your key demo.

She knows how to play the game and she's among the best at keeping her audience happy. I'm glad to see that she, unlike others, knows her limits with respect to that skill.

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