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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Georges St. Pierre Gives a Rush of a Kick to the Head

How happy am I? Very.

Some of the folks who read this blog on occasion may know that I'm a big fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Last night, a fighter from Montreal won the welterweight championship belt.
Georges St. Pierre
Georges "Rush" St. Pierre beat Matt Hughes with what the Frantics used to call, "a boot to the head", followed up with several punches and elbows until the ref stopped it. My buddies and I cheered and high-fived (because we'd never get in the ring - sitting around with chips and beer is as close to fighting we prefer) and I'm still on a bit of a "rush", if I may.

Watching St. Pierre come up in the UFC was great as his athleticism is just about unparalleled. Seeing him achieve the belt was fantastic. Congratulations to Georges (not that he'll ever read this, but hey, you never know)!

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