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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hey Kids! Let's Play a Game!

And people wonder why atheists sometimes seem angry....

I saw this Intelligent Design vs. Evolution board game via Pharyngula via Friendly Atheist and my head just started to hurt. I mean, seriously, you get more brains for supporting Ray "the-banana-is-curved-for-ease-of-entry" Comfort and Kirk "where-the-fuck-did-my-career-go?" Cameron than for evolutionary science? That's sad. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, this is the, "...board game that reveals the insanity of perhaps the greatest hoax of our times -- the unscientific 'theory of evolution.'"

Like it was just thought up the other week at a Cub Scout meeting and pondered over some grape Kool-Aid.

I was going to go all off on a tangent about why evolution is the best we have at the moment and is supported by literally tens of thousands of experiments and findings and how "Intelligent" Design would lose in an elementary school craft fair to a handicapped kid with a popsicle stick boomerang, but it's just not worth my time. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron don't influence too many people and the ones they do are too far gone to bring back around anyway. Let them play their game and think that, "It rained on the rocks, the rain and rocks made soup, and we came from the soup." I'll try to show these people what science actually says when I meet them and you guys do the same, ok? Maybe we can un-fuck the intellect that has been "Comfort-ed".

Ray Comfort is a guy who preaches to the converted and folks who don't know better. When he is challenged by a knowledgeable person (as was shown on the Hellbound Alleee podcast), he is forced to admit that his "arguments" are retarded. He'll never gain mass influence because he is not that great a speaker or intellectual, so blogs like this and the others linked to are enough to squash him (metaphorically speaking...I don't want anyone to actully squash the guy).

"A banana is an atheist's nightmare."? Not so much, Ray.

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At 2/1/07 10:42 am, Blogger stardust said...

Ever notice the images that creationists use to represent their gawd? It's always a magical-looking bright light kind of explosion type of thing. Looking at the cover of the game box, for instance. The images representing evolution are quite detailed and precise and represent the evidence that has been found for evolution. Then above is this magical bright flash of something that we really can't tell what the hell it is. Like a flash from a transformer box after being struck by a lightning bolt.

Ironic, isn't it?

At 2/1/07 7:04 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

I think it's quite fitting and represents the simple fact that those folks just don't have anything to fall back on other than, well, miracles.

At 25/1/07 11:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lack of logic is amazing; you need to revert to name calling and other juvenile tactics to get your point across...nice.

At 26/1/07 9:38 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

My "lack of logic". Ok, care to show where my logic falls apart?

And yes, I call people names. My blog, my rules. If I have an actual discussion or argument with someone, Marquis of Queensbury it is, but until then it's my way here, cowboy.


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